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Friday, November 29, 2013

All My Heywards - 2013 Topps Finest Refractor

2013 Topps Finest Refractor #34

Good 'ol Topps Finest, they've been the finest for what now, 20 years? And refractors are extra super duper special. Maybe not as special as 20 years ago that there's so many extra flavors of refractor now but pretty dang special. This card's pretty special. Jason has on the cream alternate uni, is wearing the cool shades and shows his dismantling of the Phillies on the back. Now that I've established this card is special I'd like to talk about the design. It's basically a bunch of dots going swoosh. Check back a few posts and look at the 2013 Prizm post. Design is basically a bunch of dots. Now Topps' dots are undoubtedly cooler, but you can grab racks of Panini dots at Wally World for cheaps. I wonder who's dots are homaging who? Did Panini say "oh yea you think you're hot isht with your fancy logos, well look at this super shiny metallic stuff with prizms on it and we're selling it at RETAIL" and then Topps said "bish pleaze, you call that shiny? look at these mothafucking DOTS". Competition is wonderful.


Captain Canuck said...

I love how you manage to break everything down to it's roots, and then smack it's momma in the mouth.

P-town Tom said...

It's the Finest because it has WAR on the back of the card. That's bringing it hard.