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Monday, November 3, 2014

Trading Card Preservation Society

Matt at Heartbreaking Cards and I made a podcast!

I had no idea what I was doing but that's never stopped me before!

In the podcast we talk about stuff. Some of it is even card stuff. Topps stuff, autograph stuff, more Topps stuff, and - well we talk a lot about Topps stuff to start out with. AND STUFF. We talk a lot about stuff.

Birdie sez: go click on the link if you want to hear a couple of guys talk about cards and stuff. But not if you want to hear about Birdie, because he's not in this episode. You don't have to listen, but Birdie would be disappointed.

If you do listen to us talking about stuff, leave a comment about what you thought. We know this one was kinda rough and you can tell us about all the times we said um and the weird hum because I don't know how to record properly and about all the mistakes I made, it won't hurt our feelings. Or tell us what you liked and we can pander to you in the second episode! Or third episode actually, this one has a part one and two because it was so long. Also *SPOILERS* we just might be answering some of your questions in part two!

So go ahead and click. it don't cost nothin.


AdamE said...

I don't ever listen to podcasts. I would rather read.

gwright said...

I quite enjoyed that. I like the concept of a music and card podcast. Do more of that.

Mark Zentkovich said...

I like the podcasts alot- nice perspective from a collector's point of view..keep up the good work!