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Saturday, November 29, 2008

So, who wants cards?

The holiday season has kicked off, which means one thing: a fat man with a beard wants to give you stuff. I hid yesterday for safety reasons, but a big package came in the mail and it's time to share. Reader Jason made me an offer I couldn't refuse a week or so ago, he had a big pile of old cards he didn't need anymore and he was willing to send them all to me, if I'd share with the peeps. So, I'm sharing.


Leave a comment in this post. Tell me you want cards and what kind you want. You can choose:
1) a specific team
2) a specific player
3) a specific sport
4) a specific brand
5) a specific theme
6) any combination of the above
7) or just throw caution to the wind and ask for a surprise.

Shoot me an e-mail as well so I know how to contact you for a shipping address. All the stuff Jason sent is from the '80s and early '90s so keep in mind that you're more likely to get what you want if you ask for older teams and players. I'm blowing out some doubles here too so you won't end up empty handed if you ask for Rays and Josh Hamilton, but I don't have a heck of a lot of some of the new stuff either. There is already a bunch of people who are getting cards whether they ask or not, but if you want to make sure you get some goodies make a comment. I'm going to remind you all of the giveaway throughout next week and show off some of the stuff you can get. Ok, so I'm kind of copying Mark and David and Joe, but so what. It's the Holidays, everyone likes presents!


White Sox Cards said...

Chicago White Sox
White Sox Minor League
Harold Baines (any team)
John Cangelosi (any team)
Carlton Fisk (any team)
Don Wakamatsu (any team)
2008 Topps Heritage

I hope you know my address by now. :)

capewood said...

Phillies - Phillies - Phillies.

1987 Topps (anybody)

I need more early 1990 Phillies than I thought.

Cardboard Addiction said...

How about this theme? Guys with both mustaches and eyeglasses who show their teeth while smiling.

Slette said...

Aside from the Yankee originals of Pettitte, Jeter, Posada, and Rivera: Mauer, Morneau, Chad Greenway and Shane Battier.

I won't leave you empty-handed though... I have some ATL stuff for ya.

Kevin said...

What the heck...

You know the drill: Orioles. If there are any 1982 Topps (any team) in the pile, I've got a good start on that set and would like to complete it.

jackplumstead said...

Sorry about that earlier post trying to get in too quick!
Could I say RED SOX please, any year, any company!

Dan said...




SamDaMan said...

merry christmas dayf!

i would like my stocking stuffed with
ian kinsler
nick markakis

thanks you!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I can give any unwanted Pirate cards a nice home =)

gcrl said...

steve garvey (any team)
ron cey (any team)
davey lopes (any team)
don sutton (any team)
any opeechee cards

Scott C. said...

How about:
Mike Greenwell
1984 Topps

Scott C.

Anonymous said...

Red Sox, baby!

Ken Caminiti
Albert Belle
Roger Clemens
Grady Sizemore
David Wright

Billy Suter said...

I'll take whatever Pirates are left over from Jeffery Wolfe. Also, I've got a nice list of stuff I want on my blog. Of course, you can always surprise me if you want. It's up to you.

Billy Suter said...

Oops. The bad spelling fairy strikes again! Sorry, Jeffrey.

night owl said...

Well, a merry, merry to you, too!

I take Dodgers, as you know. 1983 Topps are good, too. So are '95 Topps.

You've got my address, but I'll try to remember to shoot you an email in a couple days, too.

gritz76 said...

I hate to beg but if your gonna give em away any how I guess I'll scoop up the Cubbies and any Scott Radinzkys you might encounter.

shanediaz82 said...

I don't suppose there are any hockey cards in that stack?

Motherscratcher said...

Is it Kwanza already?! Yippeeee!

I like anything to do with Cleveland. Especially Sizemore, Camacho, Cory Snyder, and Super Joe Charboneau.

You know where I live. On Saddle Creek. Near the In-N-Out Burger.

dayf said...

Note: I don't know if I made this clear, but there's plenty of cards for everyone. If someone picks a team/player/etc that someone else picked already you'll both get what you want. I'll just divvy 'em up between the two people.

burnsee2 said...

The Broncos or any football!

burnsee2 said...

The Broncos or any football!

sluggerdeuce said...

I also hate to beg...oh, who am I kidding? Although I am a Wisconsinite, I'll leave the Brewers to Thorzul and ask for any A's lying around...Have some Braves for you in return, although I'm sure they're all doubles for you.

j_slugger_2 at yahoo.com

Brian said...

I would be happy to take any Billy Willaims, Fergie Jenkins, Andre Dawson, Dave Winfield, or Rickey Henderson cards you're willing to part with. Thanks.

Mark said...

What a tremendous Christmas gift! I'll take anything you've got and don't want that has Mark Grace's picture on it.

Captain Canuck said...

you know me...
but if you are running low on Braves, I could always take some Blue Jays and Expos.

Anonymous said...

Someone already requested Reds, so I'll get more specific and say Chris Sabo, Eric Davis, and Mario Soto. :)

Alex said...

I like the Hall of Shame...
Pete Rose
Mark McGuire

...and the Hall of Fame
Nolan Ryan

I also like the reds but so do a lot of other people.

Anonymous said...

Mets and Tim Raines please

Zpop said...

I would appreciate any BJ Surhoff or Tim Wakefield cards that are available.

AdamE said...

Red Sox for me of course. Also any kind of boxing. I'm pretty sure I going to be the only one to request that.

Jason said...

@ Mark:

I'm afraid there won't be any Mark Grace stuff in there as he's one of the two players I actually collect (along with Ryne Sandberg and anyone University of Georgia, but that's a whole different story...). I do however have a fairly decent collection of 1995 and older Grace cards; I may have some duplicates I can part with if you want to send me a wish list... jfleury@gmail.com

Rod said...

Any Padres, players from Oregon, Tim Flannery, Artie Wilson, guys named Rod and cards 9,13 & 57 from any set

mab said...

Baseball or Football, early 80s. Saints, Will Clark, Red Sox.


zman40 said...

I'll take any Royals you got.

--David said...

Well, who knew.. It took reading Night Owl's post to find THIS post!? Weird...

Well, I will lay claim to any and/or all Indians you have not already ear-marked for someone else. Wait, that's a bit greedy for a holiday season. So, put me down for:

Indians Minor League
Jim Thome (any team)

madding said...

I'm interested in (surprise, surprise) any Cardinals, minor league Cardinals and/or any Jim Edmonds Angels cards. Oh, and Blazers if there's any old basketball cards in the box. I'm not greedy or anything, though.

Erin said...

I like the Cardinals, too!

zman40 said...

I'll also take any left-over minor league cards that you may have.

Ben said...

I know he's a Brave, but Steve Avery?

Laurens said...

Do you have any Angels?

Any base cards from premium brand cards from the 1990s or base cards from the last 25 years.

Surprise me and thanks in advance.

Harrison said...

OJ Mayo and Tim Lincecum!!!! Email me at h.ross16@yahoo.com

deal said...

Theme: Record Breaker and special event cards (No-Hitters, Post Season Games, Big HR or SB games) any team.

early 80s Yankees, O's, Dodgers

and Phils any era.

Anonymous said...

I contacted you two weeks ago via e-mailabout sending you some cards and you never responded. I have a bunch of c. jones/braves stuff that I thought you would like.

TNP777 said...

Brett Butler!

TNP777 said...

Brett Butler!

Matt said...

Happy Holidays!

I'll take any Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions that may be available.
Also, if any hockey cards have accidenally found their way in, I'm a Devils collector and my co-worker's son loves the Red Wings.
I'll e-mail you a mailing address. Gracias!

Thorzul said...

Thorzul is getting in on this! I'll send you an email with my preference.

FanOfReds said...

Well, you know I'd take any Reds but lots of others have said that already so it's alright. I need your address though to get your cards off to you from our last trade... Email it to me and I'll get the cards out this week.
-Chris @ NachosGrande

Jason said...

@ Thorzul

You've got all the Brewers coming your way in a separate package; should be there tomorrow...

michel said...

Houston Astros and Jeff Bagwell or Craig Biggio are always welcome.
Thank you so much for the offer and Happy Holidays.....!!!!!


Chuck's Used Cards said...

what a great idea ... I have cards that may be able to fill some of the other posts here.

If you have any hockey - (any Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, Boston)

NFL -Dallas Cowboys

MLB - Yankees - I need any Jeter or Rodriguez - I don't own a single card of either - so yup, any card.


RoofGod said...

Anything from the Detroit teams or Mark McGwire's would make this holiday season bright.

Don said...

82 - 85 Fleer
83 - 85 Donruss
Detroit Tiger Minor leaguers

Thank you

Flash said...

I collect:
Don Mattingly
Phil Hughes
Mike Mussina

I have a large Mattingly collection pre-retirement (1996), but I'm missing a lot of commons between 1997 - present.

steveisjewish said...

of course I would love some cards! Mets and Robin Ventura would be too sweet - any topps cards (not 86 or 87) as i need plenty for all those sets

mikeraleigh77 said...

Marty Barrett. Back in 1986 my dad told me he'd buy any poster when we were at Fenway Park. I told him Marty Barrett and he almost laughed me out of the park, but I was 9 and he was my favorite.
19 Gregory Drive, Sanford Maine 04073.

jacobmrley said...

Mets, red sox, mike piazza, todd hundley, gary carter.

and you should post one of those old school pro set santa claus cards when you do stuff like this...

Bo said...

I am a Yankee fan but if you don't have any left I'll take any surprise. Thanks!
borosny at gmail dot com

Don said...

I forgot to add the following awsome card set: 91 Bowman

TheJaw said...


I would like any Chicago Cubs cards


I'm very to new to the world of blogs but I'll take any Indians . I would also like your address . I have a lot of extra cards of all kinds to share. Thanks !!!

Aron said...

Astros or Royals...i could definitely ship some Braves your way as well.

HookMan said...

Any Orioles (Kevin's sloppy seconds?)

DaveH said...

MLB - Braves (any you are willing to part with)
Braves minor leaguers
Fred McGriff (any team)
Julio Franco (any team)
Brian Jordan (any team)
Javy Lopez (any team)

NFL - Steelers
NHL - Penguins

Don said...

My Son would love any mariners including the minor league guys if you have them.

andrew said...

Great way to start the holiday season here!

Braves fan here also so anything you don't want...obviously I enjoy Chipper, Smoltz, Glavine etc. Also fond of the guys up the middle: Blauser, Lemke, Furcal and Giles.

Also working on 91 Bowman. Thanks!