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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Obama - 338 McCain - 156

Excited about the election? Follow along with election results right here on Cardboard Junkie! I've got all the states right here listed by the time their polls close. When a state gets called for a candidate I'll let you know, using the magic of....


Red for McCain, Blue for Obama. I'll try to keep a running tally of electoral votes as well. If you want to follow along in a less silly way, here are some important links:

Links to state results

Poll closing times and key races

What to watch for for






Feel free to argue all you want in the comments but be nice, folks.

7 p.m. EST

Georgia - 15 EV

Indiana - 11 EV

Kentucky - 8 EV

South Carolina - 8 EV

Vermont - 3 EV

Virginia - 13 EV

7:30 p.m. EST

North Carolina - 15 EV

Ohio - 20 EV

West Virginia - 5 EV

8 p.m. EST

Alabama - 9 EV

Connecticut - 7 EV

Delaware - 3 EV

District of Columbia - 3 EV

Florida - 27 EV

Illinois - 21 EV

Maine - 4 EV

Maryland - 10 EV

Massachusetts - 12 EV

Mississippi - 6 EV

Missouri - 11 EV

New Hampshire - 4 EV

New Jersey - 15 EV

Oklahoma - 7 EV

Pennsylvania - 21 EV

Tennessee - 11 EV

8:30 p.m. EST

Arkansas - 6 EV

9 p.m. EST

Arizona - 10 EV

Colorado - 9 EV

Kansas - 6 EV

Louisiana - 9 EV

Michigan - 17 EV

Minnesota - 10 EV

Nebraska - 5 EV

New Mexico - 5 EV

New York - 31 EV

North Dakota - 3 EV

Rhode Island - 4 EV

South Dakota - 3 EV

Texas - 34 EV

Wisconsin - 10 EV

Wyoming - 3 EV

10 p.m. EST

Iowa - 7 EV

Montana - 3 EV

Nevada - 5 EV

Utah - 5 EV

11 p.m. EST

California - 55 EV

Hawaii - 4 EV

Idaho - 4 EV

Oregon - 7 EV

Washington - 11 EV

1 a.m. EST

Alaska - 3 EV

Live blogging:

I'll try to comment here as I can, but I've got a lot of tracking and scanning and posting to do.

Also, I'll try to post cards of a player from the particular state, but some will have alternates (like Idaho, I couldn't find any red or blue Score cards of players from Idaho)

Early results from Indiana has Obama at 51%. Kentucky is 2 to 1 for McCain.

Polls are closed in five states. Two states have been called: Kentucky for McCain, Vermont for Obama.

Indiana is still neck & neck. Indiana is usually deep red, but it's a neighbor to Obama's home state.

Polls just closed n North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia. Don't expect any to be called for a while now, especially in the bigger states.

Thorzul has the right attitude about this whole situation.

A whole truckload of polls just closed and many states were insta-called. I'm gonna get scanning.

McCain spent tons of time and money in Pennsylvania and the AP called it for Obama in about five seconds.

Three Senate results: Warner (D) wins Virginia, Shaheen (D) wins New Hampshire, Hagen (D) wins North Carolina. Three pickups for the Dems. Joe Biden also has a job no matter what happens, he just got re-elected.

All the polls in Ohio are finally closed, so there should be results rolling in soon.

You still have a few minutes to guess who I voted for today up in the poll. Here's a hint: I have voted for all three candidates for President on Georgia's ballot at one point or another.

Georgia called for McCain almost 2 hours later than it was called for Bush in 2004.

Gellman makes a prediction.

The next wave of poll closings just hit. No surprises yet.

A Candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win, but keep in mind that California is going Blue unless The Big One hits and it sinks into the ocean in the next two hours. That effectively means that Obama's Magic Number is 215.

Ohio and New Mexico, two Bush states, just flipped to Obama.

McCain pretty much has to steal a blue state to win. Ohio is a back breaker. Dems also pick up a 4th senate seat in New Mexico.

Then again, J-Roll could come from behind and win.

West Virginia - the state where all those racist voter shock videos came from - is finally called for McCain well over 2 hours after the polls closed.

I'm bummed because I couldn't find a John Kruk card with a red border.

Whammo, there goes Texas. Nice chunk of safe EVs for McCain. He needs a takeaway though.

Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri and Indiana are all still toss ups.

Utah stays Red, Iowa goes Blue. Another lost state for McCain. the Fat Lady's warming up.

Meanwhile there is a critical vote underway in Wisconsin.

Polls are reportedly still open in St. Louis due to heavy turnout.

Chris Shayes loses his house set, there are no Republican congressmen left in New England.

FiveThirtyEight.com calls it for Obama.

Not much going on right now. Heartbreaking has some predictions. Joe Collector has some porn.

A couple more safe red states are called. West coast polls are about to close.

California, Oregon, Washington go to Obama. Game over.

Ladies and Gentleman, the 44th President of the United States:

Virginia flips blue, Obama is now piling on. Colorado too.

A useful website.

garvey cey russell lopes is also in a Score mood tonight.

McCain concedes.

Republicans have 40 Senate seats in hand, and lead in others. No Supermajority in the Senate.

Florida goes Blue and no one gives a shit.

Classy concession speech by McCain. That's the guy I voted for in 2000.

Nevada flips Blue. Remaining states to be called: North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, Montana and Alaska (polls still open).

Obama Making his acceptance speech now. Go watch.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Alaska goes for McCain.

The last four states ain't gonna be called for a while. I'm going to sleep, I'll post those cards later.

Card blogger reactions to the election. And some cryptic posts.

ATL Centenarians REPRESENT!

Final tally on the "who I voted" poll:

Barack Obama - 21
Chipper Jones - 12
Ron Paul - 6
John McCain - 4
Bob Barr - 3
Didn't bother - 1
Cynthia McCinney gets no love.

So who did I actually vote for? Don't you already know?

The Onion provides perspective.

Day after updates:

North Carolina and Missouri still aren't decided.

My own state still hasn't managed to count all the votes and a Senate runoff hangs in the balance.

You didn't think we could get through an election without a recount, did you?

Ballot propositions were all all over the map, literally and figuratively. To sum up: people like abortion, don't like gay marriage. Go figure.

Alaska elected a convicted felon.

Sara Palin: God will do "the right thing for America" on election day. I agree wholeheartedly.


Chris Harris said...

Dick Schofield (Red Card, #274) played in Idaho Falls back in '81.

Key Dayley is from Idaho, but he's a yellow card (#517). That's about as close as I can get.

dayf said...

I've got backup cards for states I don't have. I've already trashed my box of Score enough anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Love the idea, dayf. Good job. :)

Chris Harris said...

"You still have a few minutes to guess who Ivoted for today up in the poll. Here's a hint: I have voted for all three candidates for President on Georgia's ballot at one point or another.

I knew it! You voted for McKinney.

--David said...

ROTFL! What a GREAT idea!!!

PunkRockPaint said...



Billy Suter said...

Let me go on record as saying I voted for Obama, and I don't know what the other people in my state were smok... er, thinking.

madding said...

Aw man, no blue Harold Reynolds cards?

dayf said...

I couldn't find a Blue Reynolds card. I snuck a red one into Idaho though.

As for West Virginia, I consider those videos shock videos on par with 2G1C and not representative of the actual population.

Rod said...

Three Oregonians in a row with Harold Reynolds, Larry Anderson and Brad Arnsberg. Representing Eugene, Portland and Medford. This was a great idea and a lot of fun to watch.

MMayes said...

Alaska elected a convicted felon as senator. A few years ago Missouri elected a corpse to the Senate. And then we have Minnesota who is a recount away from electing a vile little man to the Senate.