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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sounds from Steve

Steve, the mind behind The Easy Life found some stuff off of my want lists and offered a trade. I said sure, and the stuff came in the mail yesterday with a surprise. Let's dig in!

2008 UD Heroes Blue Chipper et. al. #191/199

I'm not crazy about Heroes, but for some reason I love all the rainbow parallels. This blue parallel is just ... so freaking BLUE. And the green parallels are really GREEN and the red parallels are really RED and you catch my drift. Maybe if I hadn't pulled the blah normal colored parallel out of that hobby pack I opened and gotten a bright primary color instead I'd have better feelings about this set. Got DAYUM this blue is pretty though, even if the card itself is ugly.

2008 Goudey Chipper

Speaking of Blue Chippers...

10 2008 Heritage off my want list

Green backs - 18, 79, 435

Black backs - 2, 61, 69, 155, 228, 266, 371

I think the start of all this mess was a want list trade. Here's a few more I can tick off the checklist. It doesn seem that people are quite anxious to get rid of their black backs. Can't say I plame them. The Dunn here is the nicest of the lot, the black border '59s look really slick.

2008 Co-Signers Brian McCann with a green Frenchy lurking in the shadows #174/200

Here's another goofy useless parallel I kinda like. The highlighter green and ghostly Frenchy are nifty. If it was Carlos Lee instead of Brian McCann I'd probably flip it in the junk pile though.

7 2008 Upper Deck Braves

I've probably got at least a couple of team sets of this stuff so far. It's too bad Moylan got hurt last year, he was a solid pitcher (or was until Bobby burned him out). He was at the Braves FanFest last year reading books to little kids. The dude's arm is almost completely covered with tattoos, I hope the doctor was able to operate without screwing 'em up.

2006 Upper Deck Marcus Giles

Flying through the air in an Interleague game against the A's. How in the world did he fall of the face of the planet so quickly?

2006 Ultra Edgar Renteria and Chipper

Can I just say right now that I'm sick of the voters giving David Wright all the awards because he's a Met? Look at that fielding right there. Chipper's glove is goldier than Wright's any day of the week.

2007 Topps Tim Hudson and Scott Thorman

Poor Thor. Had a chance to take the first base job and blew it. He's going to be hopelessly stuck in Gwinett next year, maybe it's time for a change of scenery. The Nationals seem to grab all of our role players, do they need a first baseman?

2007 UD Elements Andruw Jones foil

This dang thing won't scan. I think I poested it a while back anyway. UD Elements cases are selling for a buck thirty-eight now anyway so pick up a few and see the card for youreself.

2007 UD Masterpieces John Smoltz jersey

Woooooo! Framed Smoltzie Artistry! Now Tom Glavine has a pal to go golfing with in my Masterpieces binder.

2007 Turkey Red Kelly Johnson SP

Last card in the box was a Kelly Johnson short print from Turkey Red. I wish Topps hadn't bungled their short prints, this was a really good looking set. They did bungle the short prints though and htis is only the fourth or fifth SP I've gotten. Wellm they didn't screw it up as bad as UD Masterpieces at least.

There are all the card, but wait there's more...

YEAH! TUNES! Steve noticed in my profile I was a punk fan and sent along a mix of stuff. See, he says it in his note right here:

Awww... Steve wants to murder me by shooting me in the heart with an arrow. How sweet. This is good stuff, some Bad Religion, NOFX, Descendents and a few things I've never heard before. I've got some cool box-ripping music now. Thanks Steve!

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steveisjewish said...

I'm glad that you liked everything - I emailed you the tracklist that I forgot to include - if there is anything new in there that you are diggin' shoot me aline and i can burn ya the full album and whatnot - bonus treats for the next package, whenever that may be