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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trade from David Part 2

Part one of this trade was posted on the 13th. Yes, I'm way behind in everything. Let's knock out the second package from David in that video mailer, shall we? It's actually better than the first one.

2008 Topps Shea Stadium

I don't know what this is from, but it rules. There's no card number on the back so I'm honestly stumped. Paging JayBee... You are wanted at the white courtesy phone...

2007 Turkey Red John Smoltz jersey

Dang, these cards are sweeeeet. I have no idea when the Braves ever wore black jerseys, but it's best not to think too hard about such things. Card collecting is more fun when you maintain the suspension of disbelief.

A Mess O' Mickey Mantles

Four of 'em from the Turkey Red Set. I think one of them is even a short print, but I'm too lazy to check.

2008 Moments & Milestones Greg Maddux

I still like this set. I'm glad it's dying a horrible death in 2009, but it was fun while it lasted.

2007 Topps Frenchy McLowOPS

Ok internet detectives!!! Game. In Turner Field. 2006 most likely, maybe 2005. Francoeur in Right Field. Braves scored 1 in the fifth, opponent scored at least 1 in the 7th. WHAT GAME IS THIS PHOTO FROM???

2008 Chipper Jones 50th Anniversary Star Rookie

I'm looking forward to seeing this design again in 2008 Heritage.

2006 Opening Day Chipper Jones Funny Photos

I didn't know this card even existed... My Chipper collection just went up by 1.

The rest:

2008 Topps Bobby Cox
2007 Turkey Red Chipper Jones
2008 Artifacts Jeff Francoeur
2008 Spectrum John Smoltz
2008 UD First Edition Kevin Millwood
2008 UD First Edition Greg Maddux
2008 UD First Edition Tom Glavine

Excellent stuff, David... let's trade again sometime.


Mad Guru said...

Francouer is shown retiring Austin Kearns in the game of August 26, 2006:


jacobmrley said...

the shea stadium card is from the 2008 topps mets box set.


notice a little version of it on the side of the box in this auction picture...

davidj said...

It's in the set, but it also comes in every rack pack you buy at Shea Stadium. I thought a Chipper fan would appreciate the Shea card!

It's also simply a beautiful card.

Anonymous said...

the shea stadium card is from either the mets box set or the team set that they sell at mets games