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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Blaster rip

Ok, time to do this. I'll rip each pack, type it up, ignore the typos, scan the money cards and post them one pack at a time. I'll keep a running tab of my points, but don't worry, I'll beat Hand Collated with no problems. Keep refreshing to see the updates.

Here we go!

Pack 1:
(The UH prefix on the card number has been omitted because it's bloody stupid)
199 Lance Cormier
87 Ryan Langerhans
63 Eric Bruntlett
68 Johnathan PApelbon All-Star
YR124 VLad Guerrero Year In review
WBC6 Jose Reyes WBC preview +3 -2 for met
MMS73 Mickey Mantle Story
300 Captain Cheeseburger gold parallel 562/2008

Point total = 1

4 inserts in the first pack? the rest of the box is gonna suck

Pack 2:
230 Jason Jennings
91 Billy Buckner
45 Eric Hurley
297 Cory Wade +1 dodger
100 Jay Bruce noooooooooooooo -1
35 Anley Ramirez All-Star
311 Best card in the set Oscar Salazar
52 Derek Jeter All=Star
checklist 2

Point total = 1

Pack 3:
247 Scott Podsednik is a rockie?
265 Tony Abreu +1 dodger
133 Tadahito Iguchi
105 Dan Giese
309 John Bowker
233 Grady Sizemore All-Star
124 Combo A-rod & Longoria
99 Combo Hanley & Ortiz

Point Total = 2

Pack 4:
151 Darin Erstad is an Astro?
175 Luis Vizcaino
187 Rod Barajas
81 JC Romero
225 Ryan Tucker
261 Matt Macri
184 Chutley Home Run Derby
319 Ruben Gotay +3 Brave!
Topps of the class David Wright cards don't count against me because they're garbage

Point Total: 5


The jersey card was visible when I opened the box. No one guessed it. Make your guesses here, first person to get it right wins something whether I beat Hand Collated or not.

Pack 5:
67 Jamey Carroll
253 Josh Johnson
171 Brian Bixler
3 Freddie Bynum
165 Burke Badenhop
324 Griffey Jr as a Sox oh it's so beautiful
228 Joe Blanton
FC-19 Lucretia and GENERAL James A Garfield! +5

This is my THIRD garfield card, some one please take it from me

Point total = 10

Pack 6:
130 Mike Cameron
163 Miguel Cairo
205 Octavio Dotel
135 Jose Arredondo
177 Emmanuel Burriss
257 Casey Blake Dodger +1
156 Juan Rincon
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
take me out to the crowd
buy me some peanutrs and cracker jack
I don't care if I ever finish this box rip
checklist 3

Point Total = 11

PAck 7:
121 Jacque Jones
90 Dan Haren
325 Clay Hensley
129 Nick Adenhart
240 Clayton kershaw +1 Dodger
105Matt Murton
YR170 JR Towlie Year in review
RH-WF Whitey Ford Ring of Honor +3

i wonder if anyone has caught on yet. or if they even care?

Point Totol = 15

Pack 8:
UH235 Eddie Guardado
211 Brett Tomko
21Darrell Rasner
117 Jed Lowrie
159 Mike Aviles
251 Mark Redman
288 Evan Longoria
157 Mark Hendrickson gold parallell 383/2008
David Wright is not the Topps of the class and is a lousy fielder and doesn't deserve those gold gloves he stoled from CHIPPER

Point total = 15

no money cards so heer's some insetrs

Also here's a not-subtle hint on the jersey card:
the FIRST person to guess the PLAYER from the GROUP of jersey cards gets A prize.

PAck 9:
260 Emil Brown
193 Jeremy Affeldt @#!$%^@# Red -1
307 Greg Norton Hooray! Brave+3
280 Max Scherzer
9 Shawn Riggans
216 Jason Bay
72 Pete Orr (almost typed Brave here)
132 Jorge De La Rosa

Point Total = 17

169 Eulogio De La Cruz
103 Chris Burke
277 John Rheinecker
141 Michael Aubrey
111 Brandon Boggs
245 Ryan Braun All Star
97 Sean Gallagher
ARGH 66 Robinson Cancel lousy stinkin Met -2
Checklist 1 - complete set of checklists!


HEre's what you've been waiting for... TEH BOX HIT:

RR-AC Asdrubal Cabrera


only 2 measley Braves.

Ok Scott, let's see how you did... go check out Hand Collated for the other box rip!

Contest Winners:
Guess the Braves:
White Sox Cards And AlbuqwirkE both guessed two Braves. White Sox Cards wins because he a) guessed first b) Angel Berroa used to play in the AL Central which is where Asdrubal plays, and 3.) AlbuqwuirkE numbered his picks. (I gotta break the tie somehow)

Guess the jersey:
Cardboard Addiction guessed the card (after a blatant hint) but PopGuyNYC made the funniest joke so they're sort of tied at the moment. It'll all work itself out...

Thanks for checking out the box break and get over to Hand Collated to see the bottom of the ninth!


dayf said...

You guys can chat in here, I don't mind...

White Sox Cards said...

Phone calls have made me pause my viewing of The Big Lebowski, so I might as well chatter here.

Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble.

Um... chattery chat.

White Sox Cards said...

Yes, Scotty Pods was a Rockie in 2008.

Cardboard Addiction said...


White Sox Cards said...

Don't tell me it was an Ozzie Guillen relic!

Dan said...


dayf said...

Keep guessing...

Cardboard Addiction said...

Johnny Lester!

White Sox Cards said...

Did you get stuck with an Erstad?

Cardboard Addiction said...

Count Chocula, Boo-Berry, Coco Crisp!!!!!!! That's my last guess!

Dan said...

Kerry Woooooood.

dayf said...

cardboard addiction is closest, but still no one's got it.

dinged corners said...

We joined late, but since there are no other cereal names, we'll try Clint Sammons.

Cardboard Addiction said...

I lied, 1 more Sean Casey at the bat?

Anonymous said...

Guessing the GU -
"subject to change"
no wait -
K. Hart?


White Sox Cards said...

Topps poster boy David Wright?

dinged corners said...

If the photos on these Topps cards didn't require a Special Topps Decoder Magnifying Glass, they wouldn't be so awful.

William Noetling said...

I'm going to guess Matt Garza

also I'll take your double political inserts, I love those things. I've got some Braves to send you.

Cardboard Addiction said...

asdrubal cabrerra?

Anonymous said...

I got it -
closest to Coco Crisp -
the one thing that makes him soggy:
Melky Cabrera!

Thank you - I'll be here all week.


SamDaMan said...

JD DREW??????

dayf said...


Wee have a weiner!@

SamDaMan said...


White Sox Cards said...

That clue was so non-subtle, I have a good mind to slam the phone down and finish my movie.

Cardboard Addiction said...

Even if it isn't Popguynyc, he deserves it for that comment!

Captain Canuck said...

naw... cardboard addy got it...

i just got here... good break so far...

dayf said...

If you're willing to abdicate your prize, I'll be happy to send it to him...

PopguyNYC said...

Gentlemen, gentlemen - while I appreciate your fine taste in my feeble attempt at humor, Card Addy is the rightful prize winner -
my reward was signing up for a Blogger account!

How many Braves were in the box?

Cardboard Addiction said...

Please give it to PopGuyNYC. In all fairness I had 35 guesses, and his comment really made me laugh.

dayf said...

Ok Alphonse and Gaston, you two figure out who gets the prize and e-mail me. If I beat Hand Collated I might give you both somethin'

By the way White Sox Cards is in the running for the "guess the Braves' contest, so Steve better be rooting for lots of Dodgers and Braves in Scott's break.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to take Robinson Cancel off your hands, along with any other unwanted Met cards. :)

--David said...

Man, I almost picked Cabrera in the first place. Dang, burned by a Triber... Though, I would have lost anyway since I was sur eyou'd break out six Braves.

Cardboard Addiction said...

If PopguyNYC doesn't claim it, send it to David at Indians cards. He would probably apreciate more than a Red Sox fan. Thanks

White Sox Cards said...

I'm rooting for anything but a Brandon Phillips jersey card. LOL

White Sox Cards said...

A Chavez was pulled! I win? Woo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

What in the world is going on in here?

SamDaMan said...

dayf you gotta do more of these their hilarious

Slette said...

Ugh, I was so excited to find a U&H blaster finally, only to have it killed by pulling that same, stupid Asdrubal Cabrera card. Mine is going to be headed to Tribe Cards.