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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stuff from Zach

I'm about to basketball you to death tonight, so let's put a little baseball buffer in between Al Horford and Jack Lambert (there is something as too much awesome) and show off some stuff I got in the mail today. Reader Zach from Autographed Cards saw I pulled a Mike Aviles RC out of Topps Updates & Highlights and, being a Royals fan, really really wanted him. So, I sent Zach that Aviles and a few Royals cards (lots of Beltran. Jeez I got a lot of Beltran cards) and he sent me back this:

2008 Topps Dick Perez Chipper Jones!

Do you know what this MEANS??

I never have to buy another pack of 08 Topps U&H from Wal-Mart ever again!


I'm already regretting getting that blaster from Target, even though I got an Asdrubal Cabrera jersey, an Eric Chavez jersey, the 1994 NL West Title and the immortal soul of Ernie Lombardi out of the deal. I'll regret it more once I start opening Heritage High Series packs.

This extremely dark card is from 2000 Mystique, a somewhat forgettable set. Of course, I've got a ton of it, but I don't actually see this one in my Chipper box, so BOOYAH!

2007 Upper Deck Triple Play. This was a bonus on one of UD's Fat Packs last year. I think it was in the end of the year series one and two combo packs. I bought one of those packs specifically for the Chipper and I've gotten at least two more from readers in trades. But wait! There's a scratch off game on the back where I can get 10,000 bonus points for Upper Deck's reward program! Which is only for kids! Oh well, a Chipper's a Chipper. I'm cure Canuck will want it, and I need to find some trade bait for that Matt Ryan he pulled anyway.

Thanks Zach! I'm glad we were able to help each other to stop buying Updates & Highlights!


zman40 said...

I blog Autographed Cards. I'm glad you like the cards (especially the Mystique) and I'm looking forward to getting mine in the next day or two.
I was actually stationed at Ft. Stewart for a little less than two years and the Braves were my home-away-from-home team. I made it to 15 games in a season and a half (including a forgettable game five to the Astros in '04; hey Carlos Beltran). Today, the Braves are my NL team.

zman40 said...

The best part of the UD scrath-off card is the clear picture of the 40th Anniversary Patch.