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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mail Day and Card Show Preview

Of course on the weekend I take off three packages show up on Saturday. So as promised, here are previews of the packages which will be shown off in full next week sometime.

Cards from Connor

These are the cards Connor (Treasure Never Buried) picked out as a thank you for his birthday package. Tribe Cards got his package from Connor a couple of days ago if you wanted to see what they're like. Did you know Porky Pig played shortstop for the Braves? even though he looks extremely bored* here, he was still a better shortstop than Marty Perez. The back of the card states Porky finished his career with the White Sox, pulling a reverse Ozzie Guillen. Porky didn't become a manager though, instead he became an announcer after changing his name to John Sterling. Th-th-th-th-th-th-thaaaaaaa Yankees w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-ww-w are victorious! Thanks Connor! The rest of the package will be online Mondayish.

Project 1962

This was in essence a swap for Masterpieces to help fill each other's sets, but a few surprises were thrown in along the way. Look for me to fact check all these cards later in the week. In the meantime, enjoy these SP Authentic Brave cards of McCann and Teixeira.

Shoebox Legends

Shane from Shoebox Legends sent me something neat out of the blue. Along with the Neat Thing, he sent me two packs. One of them was a 1991 Pro Set Platinum Hockey pack that included this Jaromir Jagr card. The other pack... well. you'll just have to wait on that. I'll give you this hint though - the pack turned out better than the Neat Thing and the Neat Thing is quite awesome.

These packages along with Hollis' and the second half of David's package will all be posted sometime (somehow) this week. Now for part two of the teaser post:

Card Show Pickups Preview:

I was able to get the the BP Sports card show this weekend at the Cobb Civic Center. The original plan was to go on Friday and maybe try to get Bobby Cox's autograph, but I had to work. Yesterday I did something different which I'll tell you about later. So, I went today on the last day. I know what question you all want to ask. Who signed for you? Well, here's the answer:

Nobody. I didn't get an in person autograph while I was there.

You now have 2 minutes to cuss me out for being a fool. I'll wait.


Ok. Feel better now? Here's the deal. I had two hours tops at this card show. I went over that and I got in trouble for it. I didn't want to waste time in line to pay for some autographs when I could just go downstairs and look through all the cards. Yeah, I'm dumb. So what. I had a game plan when going in there anyway. Here is what I was specifically looking for in the order that I wanted it:

1953 Topps cards to help fill the set. (this was the only want list I brought, so I was damn serious about this)
Vintage Braves cards, and I mean vintage.
A cheap autographed ball of someone I liked.
A cheap wax box.
A couple of packs of new product.
Some bargains.
Something Weird.

I think I was pretty dang successful even though I completely failed on three of those goals. I didn't get an autographed ball. I found one guy with a whole pile of them for 10 bucks, most of which were guys like Keith Lockhart. I might have actually bought one of them had I not gotten my spirit crushed by an empty space where a Bobby Cox autograph used to be. So I missed him on Friday and I missed out again. I left them there with a mental note to come back later if I had cash left. Do you think I had cash left at the end of the day? Yep, the Lockhart balls stayed unbought.

The other things I failed on was the wax. Oddly, there was virtually no new wax anywhere in the building. One guy had some new basketball packs, that was it. It was the end of the week, so maybe they just sold out, who knows. People were actively packing up by 2pm (for a 1pm to 5pm show) so maybe I missed the wax. As for old wax, there were 5 dollar boxes of junk everywhere. And I mean junk - Pro Set football, boxes of Donruss that had probably been dropped, Skybox basketball... all stuff I had more than enough of anyway. Two boxes caught my eye: A box of Upper Deck hockey from the early '90s and a box of '89 Topps Big Series 1. I almost got the Topps Big. I don't have much '89 Big and it was a box. I found some other stuff that was a better waste of five bucks though so I also passed on the box. I got some really awful junk wax 10 for a buck though just to be able to say I bought some wax.

So what did I get? '53 Topps, vintage Braves, some bargains and something weird. And I didn't leave the place without some autographs, don't worry. These are just loooooooooow rent autos. Really awful cheap stuff. I'll be rolling out the finds this week as well, so vote in the comments on what you want to see first. Once again here are the choices:

'53 Topps
Vintage Braves
Bad autographs
Some bargains
Some not so bargains, but I bought 'em anyway
Some horrific wax packs
Something Weird.

First vote, first post so vote early and often. Pick something quick and I might even have a post ready late tonight.

* I could go on a very long and detailed rant about how this card represents all that I hate about Chuck Jones animation, but this is neither the time nor place.


PTBNL said...

Horrific wax packs!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

2 votes for awful wax packs

Cardboard Addiction said...

Something Weird. What was your general consensus of the show? Was there allot of people there? Did you enjoy yourself? Would you go again?

dinged corners said...


dinged corners said...

voting often: not-so-bargains now has two votes.

also, what cardboard addiction said. MANY DETAILS PLEASE.

Joey said...

Did you watch a bunch of movie trailers this weekend and get inspired to tease us with something like "Coming This Christmas... A Man and His Baseball Cards"

Serious though, I want to see the Weirdness first. I'm so jealous you got to go to a show.

Cardboard Addiction said...

Something weird. that gives us a 3-2-2 lead.

dayf said...

Many MANY details will be given. Too many details. That's why I have to break it up. By the end of the week you will be telling me to shut up already about the damn show. So far the post lineup is:

Horrific Wax (tonight, if possible)
Not so bargains

vote for the rest now (and you can vote again if you want)

'53 Topps
Vintage Braves
Bad autographs
Some bargains

Mad Guru said...

My vote is for vintage Braves.