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Monday, November 10, 2008

Exhibit A on why I now regret not buying Traded sets when I was a kid

I was going to do a more substantive post and maybe get some of my trade stuff together tonight, but instead I watched the Hawks and spent a half hour looking at videos of cuttlefish on YouTube. I like cuttlefish, they remind me of little baby Cthulhus. Anyway, I stumbled upon this card while sorting through a box of Braves cards and felt a twinge of regret.

This is Pascual Perez' first Topps card in a Braves uniform. I would have gone nuts for a card of I-285 back in 1983 but I was too cheap to buy a set for 7 bucks. Of course I was spending my money instead on bricks of cards from the '60s and '70s, and I would surely have busted open the set and trashed half the cards and lost a third of the rest, but still. The card is somewhat odd in that Pascual made the Traded set in 1983, even though he was traded to the Braves in 1982. Why wasn't he in the '82 Traded set? Why wasn't he in the '83 base set?

The really disappointing thing about this card is because it ended up in the Traded set, the highlights on the back are for the 1983 season and not 1982. Thus, there is no highlight for Pascual Perez on August 19, 1982 and that's just a shame.

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