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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trade with Capewood

Time to open up the package from Capewood's Collections. This trade happened when Dinged Corners posted a bizarre Jeff Kent jersey-thing out of a Fairfield repack. Patricia did a nice CSI investigation of the odd patch swatch that was embedded in the cardboard frame. Cliff mentioned in the comments that he had bought one of those things and had pulled a Chipper Jones FrankenFrame card as his bonus. Naturally I pounced and offered him a trade. Cliff got a small pile of Phillies cards and the Chase Utley jersey I bought from my now neglected box of 2008 Topps Series 2. What did I get in return? A few Chipper Jones cards off a list Cliff e-mailed me and bootleg repack fantasic. You shall see:

2008 UD First Edition Green StarQuest

It's not easy being green...

2000 Skybox Impact

This completely forgettable card is from a set whose only redeeming feature is that the football version contains one of the few Tom Brady rookie cards out there. When I requested this card of Capewood's list, I must admit I thought it was something else.

1996 Stadium Club

Chipper playing shortstop! Getting out Robbie Thompson! I love Stadium Club!

1996 Bowman

This one's actually getting put in with the rest of my '96 Bowman cards instead of in the Chipper box. I don't have a lot of 'em but now I have one more for the set I'll never finish.

2002 Stadium Club

This is what is commonly known as a cardgasm. If the cards in 2008 Stadium Club look like this, I'll forgive the $25 a pack price point and the unhealthy focus on autographs.

2001 Topps A Look Ahead

This is another one that will be going in with the set and not the Chippers. One of these days I'm going to finish that master set of '01 Topps.

2004 Diamond Kings Team Timeline

This card is beautiful, man. Sorry, I - I just got something in my eye there... Tell me again why Donruss doesn't have a flippin' license anymore?!?

Ok, and now what You've all been waiting for!!!

1998 Pinnacle Inside Chipper Jones Card In A Cardboard Frame With a Fold Out Stand Up Display On The Back Featuring A Piece Of An Authentic Jersey From The Player Pictured On The Front Assembled And Distributed By Vintage Sports Cards, Conroe Texas 77385

Isn't that wonderfully awful?? The swatch is completely insane too, it's white, but it's some sort of slick polyester patch material. I have no earthly idea what in the world it could have possibly come from. Yes, I traded a Chase Utley jersey for this. AndI love it. One more.... thing to add to my ginormous Chipper collection. Thanks Cliff!


capewood said...

I knew if there was anyone who could appreciate this Fairfield thing it would be you.


darkship said...

Every time I look at my G. Brett Donruss Diamond Kings cards I get a tear too! I wish baseball would figure out that Topps and UD need some competition to keep them honest! Great jersey card too!

Thorzul said...

Yeah, that '02 Stadium Club card is awesome. It's what every card strives to be when first envisioned. It's what all cards would look like if they were made by fans and not by corporations.

Joey said...

Those Stadium Club Chippers are flat out awesome.

I would want to hate that Chipper oddball but its just so darn odd and mysterious I would have to have it too. Did they make any of those for Ivan Rodriguez?

thewritersjourney said...

I love the 2000 Skybox Impact cards...they were clean, readable, and usually had decent photos. No bothersome foil, either.