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Friday, November 7, 2008

Yet Another Masterpieces Blaster

This one was supposed to be used for a video, but after doing a pack rip on the webcam, I'm moved videos to the back burner. They are time consuming, low quality and right now I don't really know how to edit them or frame them properly. Once I have a little more free time I might try again. Blasters must be ripped, however. This is the third one I've opened, so at this point I'm just looking to pick up a few cards I actually need.

Pack 1:
23 Jim Thome
86 Carl Crawford
49 Harmon Killebrew
21 Derrek Lee

Not off to a great start as I have all four already. Killer seems to share my disgust.

Pack 2:
65 Jorge Posada
105 Tom Seaver SP
51 Justin Morneau
37 Hanley Ramirez

UGH. the one SP in the box and I already have it. I've only got three short prints in the first place, I don't need doubles.

Pack 3:
57 Pedro Martinez
29 Troy Tulowitzki
YSL4481 Rick Cerone
9 Brooks Robinson
30 Matt Holliday

This is quickly turning into a disaster. 0 for three on packs so far.

Pack 4:
15 David Ortiz
1 Brandon Webb
72 Bill Mazeroski
58 Ian Kennedy

Oh thank heaven for Maz. Halfway through the box and I've pulled exactly one card I need.

Pack 5:
36 Miguel Cabrera
8 Jim Palmer
44 James Loney
25 Joe Morgan

O-fered again. That's the risk you take trying to build a set through wax.

Pack 6:
78 Barry Zito
38 Lance Berkman
11 Carl Yastrzemski
74 Luke Hochevar

Woooo! My luck has changed! The Berkman and Yaz cards are both needed plus the Hochevar replaces one that was damaged out of a pack. Can the luck continue?

Pack 7:
24 Adam Dunn
87 Michael Young
YSL4456 Reggie Jackson
4 Chipper Jones
46 Robin Yount

Thats what I'm talking about, two more for the set in Dunn and Young. Chipper is always appreciated and I love Reggie. Pack of the box right here unless something crazy comes out of the last pack.

Pack 8:
17 Manny Ramirez
59 Jay Bruce
32 Justin Verlander
18 Alfonso Soriano

All four needed for the set! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO! This box finished off strong.

Lies, damn lies and statistics:

Base cards: 31
Short Prints: 1
Inserts: 0
YSL: 2
Cards I actually needed: 9
Holes left in my set: 15

Ok, so this was not the best box I've ever ripped. Most everything was a double including the SP, and I didn't even get a lousy framed card. There is a silver lining though, I now have over thirty doubles to dangle as trade bait. I'll have a trading post up later this afternoon for anyone needing a few to complete your set.


gritz76 said...

I have a stack of dups and a small need list. Maybe we can work something out. Head to project '62 and check out my need list. I'll go through yours when it is up. I could use that Seaver SP too!

darkship said...

know what you need. I've got a bunch of dups too.

darkship said...

That was suppoed to say "let me know"

Anonymous said...

Do you need the Dave Winfield SP? I've got that, and some other Masterpieces available. I sent you an e-mail about a wseek ago about set needs but have not heard back.