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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Georgia vs. Kentucky

I'm a little late on the draw today. The game is half over (maybe in the fourth quarter after scanning all these cards) and the Dawgs' big mission the rest of the season is convincing Matthew Stafford that another year in Athens is much better than the NFL. Still, we're playing Kentucky and I feel that I should post something. I don't have a really old card from a Kentucky player but I do just happen to have cards from THE GREATEST PLAYER FROM KENTUCKY EVAR

Jeff Van Note!

Now this is not only my UGA/KY post, but my Falcons/Saints post too! That's efficiency! Or laziness. Laziness like me not labelling the cards. They're 1976 to 1984 Topps, by the way. So Go Dawgs! Keep that slim 4 point lead over a team you should be beating handily in a letdown match after Florida!


Billy Suter said...

This (van) Note's for you!

Anonymous said...

Van Note was a great one,but arguably George Blanda was the greatest ever from UK.