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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Question of Values

A couple of months ago I went to Atlanta Sports Cards and picked up some cards. While I was there I saw a Ballpark Collection Quad jersey card of Mike Schmidt and three other players. Fielder's Choice has a few on his blog here if you're not familiar with what they look like. I don't remember exactly who else was on the card, I think Pujols was on there though. I was tempted because it was a card with Schmidt, and the price tag was only fifteen dollars. I decided not to get it though. I spent my fifteen dollars on this stuff instead:

1983 Topps Tony Gwynn Rookie Card
Ten Dollars

I had this card back in 1983. I have no earthly idea what happened to it. '83 Topps is my favorite modern set and I couldn't pass up on a rookie of a Hall of Famer that I actually needed for the price of a Hamilton. This card right here is what made me leave that Schmidt card in the binder, the rest is just a bonus.

1985 Fleer Roger Clemens Rookie Card
Three Dollars

I know what you're thinking... A Clemens rookie for three bucks?? Well, it's Fleer. Also it looks like it got sat on by a donkey. A FAT donkey. With a lumpy butt. Still, it's a Clemens rookie and I didn't have one before now. I used to have two Topps rookies but I traded 'em both thinking I had a third. Nope.

1978 Topps Reggie Jackson '77 Record Breaker
One Dollar

I actually got a about a dozen dollar cards, but I picked out two just to make it an even 15 bucks to match the Ballpark card. I was fascinated by Reggie's three homer game in the World Series when I was a kid. I always liked this card, but I never got around to actually picking it up until now.

1996 SP Chipper Jones Special FX
One Dollar

I pretty much have to throw a Chipper in the mix. This is one of those mid-90's insert cards that is light years better than anything put out in the past five years. Here's all the awesome stuff on this card:
  • picture of a broadly smiling Chipper
  • holographic foil on the left
  • gold 'FX' etched foil on the right
  • a 3D hologram of a smiling Chipper where his head turns right and left when you tilt the card
  • a diagram of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium with dimentions on the back
  • home and road splits for homers, RBIs and batting average
Name an insert set that has half that stuff nowadays.

So what do you think? Did I do good or should I have picked up the Schmidt/Pujols/two other guys jersey card instead?


Anonymous said...

I would have passed up the jersey card for the mix of older stuff too. I have more of an attachment to the 80s cards because those are the ones I grew up with.

Besides, I have the feeling that (most) of the new stuff will drop in price and be available later anyway.

deal said...

I with you - after the initial ohh ahh of jersey cards, a lot of the appeal has worn off on me. For your 15 bucks you got a good mix of older cards and superstars as well as a current star that you collect. That is what collecting is about for me.

Joey said...

That is a nice lot. Back in the day you couldn't have gotten that lot for only $15. Kind of good news bad news.

AdamE said...

I would rather have the old stuff too. Jerseys are nice but vintage and RC are still king in my book.

Cardboard Addiction said...

I'll take older Cards any day. If you're a current collector, who buys packs, there are so many jersey cards released now, you are gonna pull a jersey card of those guys eventually. In fact, I pulled a jersey card of Pujols out of Masterpieces last month, and in no way did it feel like it did in 1987, when as a 13 year old I pulled an 83 Topps Gwynn. Maybe I'm just old and jaded now!

night owl said...

Right move. Older cards win by a mile. I'm not going to list the top 10 reasons why.

Laurens said...

Can't I have both? I'd be thinking about how to get both the cool cards you picked up and also the jersey card.

If I had a choice, I'd get the jersey card and worry about the other cards on my next card shop trip.

JRJ said...

Good move. I would have left the jersey card and gone for the older ones too.

Anonymous said...

Great move, I would have done the same. Go White Sox!

dinged corners said...

You did good.

PunkRockPaint said...

I would have bought the Gwynn and 1/2 of another Gwynn. :)

PTBNL said...

You made the right choice. Ballpark is a crap set. You can probably pick that Schmidt up for 5 bucks delivered on the Bay.

RoofGod said...

Nice purchase, but correct me if I'm wrong isn't the Reggie from '78 Topps not '77 Topps?

dayf said...

Ugh, you're right... I was thinking about the '77 World Series and not about the card. I fixed it.