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Sunday, November 9, 2008


The 4 and 0 undefeated FIRST PLACE Atlanta Hawks take on Oklahoma City tonight in a game what will provide me the first opportunity to see for myself just how hideous the Thunder's uniforms really are. It also gives me an excuse to post this:

(original video here since AC/DC won't allow embedding. Believe it or not, Apaches blowing shit up is far inferior to the original video)

This is also a good time to note that the 2008-2009 Topps basketball set is really starting to grow on me despite the fact that they shortprinted the @$^#*% rookies again. Why is that, you may ask? Here's why:

SCREW the rookies. The veteran cards in this set are incredible.


madding said...

The Thunder is/are an abomination.

Dominique is awesome, however. I have tons of his cards from the overproduced era. I really liked the one pack of 08-09 Topps that I bought, but I really need to stick to one sport and not do it again. So tempting, though.

mmosley said...

My dad coached against Dominique's team in Middle School and JV. He was great even then. Not a fan of Damian. Gerald made his stay at NC State unbearable.

I probably don't know the Wilkens good enough to call them by their first names!