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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trade from David

No, not that David, the other one. No, the other other one. David Jacobs! I know too many Davids.

Anyway, David and I had an Allen & Ginter trade going on, but by the time we completed it we had both pretty much finished our sets. It ended up being a Braves for Mets swap instead with a couple of A&G cards sprinkled in for flavor. David's package arrived yesterday in a video mailer box with the card packaged snugly inside not one but two bubble mailers inside. This was a well packaged box. I'm going to split this one up and open one of the bubble mailers now, and one later. Here's #1:

2008 A&G Mini #274 John "don't listen to my agent" Smoltz

2008 Topps #69 (dude!) Bobby Cox with the Tomato Jersey
2008 Topps #126 Brandon Jones grabbing his junk

2007 Topps #586 Willy "drunk for the Braves, star for the Rays" Aybar
2007 Topps #563 Mike "waggle butt" Gonzalez

2008 Spectrum #7 Mark Tei$eira

2008 Upper Deck First Edition #SQ-24 Mark Tei$eira $tarQue$t
2008 Upper Deck First Edition #252 Josh "Give him a chance, Bobby" Anderson RC
2008 Upper Deck First Edition #40 I like Willie Harris and I'm glad he's doing well for the Nats
2008 Upper Deck First Edition #308 Bye Bye Yunel Escobar, the weather is nice in San Diego
2008 Upper Deck First Edition #305 CHIPPER!!!!ZOMG
2008 Upper Deck First Edition #304 We gave $8 million and our #1 draft pick for 2 wins from Tom Glavine

2007? Topps '52 Rookies I think #7 Mickey Mantle in the gently falling snow

2006 Bowman Heritage Prospects #BHP46 Brandon "one of the reasons a power hitting corner outfielder is a priority this offseason" Jones
2006 Bowman Heritage Prospects #BHP59 Diory "see you in Gwinnett" Hernandez
2006 Bowman Heritage Prospects #BHP80 Dustin "10.91 ERA?!?" Evans

2006 Bowman Heritage #126 Brian "who needs Tyler Flowers when you have a three time All-Star at catcher" McCann
2006 Topps Heritage #390 Brian McCann with the same photo from Bowman Heritage! Good Lord Topps is lazy

Good stuff here from David and I'm only halfway through! What goodies will we see in package TWO?? We'll find out sooner or later! Thanks David!


Captain Canuck said...

awesome package. and it's not every guy I say that to....

White Sox Cards said...

Wow! That youtube posting looks familiar... :)