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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Masterpieces Trade with Project '62

I made a friendly swap with Chris at Project '62 recently. We both needed Masterpieces for our set so I sent him all the ones off his want list that I had, a stack of '87 Topps and a couple of golden oldies. In return I got a huge chunk out of my set:

Aw yeah, Griffey. Someone needs to sign him, Junior's still got 151 more home runs in him. Here's some more Masterpieces...

And a few more for good measure.

Chris even threw in a few '85 Topps Braves too!

Rose Stopper, I-285 and We Coulda Had Rice. Nice mix of players there. I am now down to needing only 5 for the non-short printed Masterpieces set. Since I'm not bothering with the too-short-printed short prints, that means I only have 6 more cards to track down. I'm going to put up a begging post later today, in the meantime I'm going to bask in the glow of my 94% complete set. Thanks Chris!

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Anonymous said...

Man, those Masterpieces look cooler everytime I see them. I might stop by Kmart tonight and see if they have them on sale here too.