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Monday, November 24, 2008

Stuff From Shane

Shane over at Shoebox Legends sent me a package last week. Let's see what was in it.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes John Smoltz Patch #06/25

This was a nice surprise! The blue and the red kind of clash, but who cares. The swatch looks like it's from a number or maybe the tomahawk. The card is insanely thick too, if you look at the side, you can see 6 layers on cardboard pressed together to create this thing. I'm not crazy about the Heroes set, but I love the colored parallels, with or without the jersey. I just have to refrain from chasing after a rainbow now that I have this low numbered one. I don't have the time or the funds for that right now.

1 pack of 2005 Upper Deck All Star Classics

This is going to be ripped over at A Pack A Day this evening. You don't want to miss it.

1 pack of 1991-92 Pro Set Platinum Hockey

Pro Set really let their presses run like mad in the early '90s and as a result this stuff has always seemed cheap and overproduced to me. I opened the pack up though and was pleasantly surprised. There's some really good photos in here and all in all it's aged well. Here's a nice card of Pat Verbeek:

The NHL really needs the Whalers back. C'mon, Hurricanes? When's the last time a hurricane hit anywhere with ice? An unfortunate stick placement makes it look like he's doing something terrible to that poor goalie, but it's still a nice horizontal skating shot.

Here's three more grat pictures from the pack. Pierre Turgeon skating close to the ice, Bill Ranford decked out in the pads and the Chicago Blackhawks celebrating their Norris Division Championship. Good looking stuff and hockey fan Shane is going to get a nice package of Whalers (including Verbeek) in return. Thanks Shane!


madding said...

Pro Set always had great photos, at least starting with 1990 football. Too bad about the ridiculous mass production. I guess I should have know when boxes were affordable to me when I had a job that only paid me $3.50 an hour.

shanediaz82 said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards! That was a great All Star Classics pack, I'm glad it went to you!

It's also nice to hear someone say that the Whalers need to make a return. If it were to happen I'd be first in line for tickets, even though I live an hour and a half away from Hartford now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - we love our Hurricanes down here in North Carolina! I'm afraid you can't have them back. :-)

I always did think the name was unfortunate, though - sort of like calling a Sa Diego team The Wildfires or a San Francisco team The Earthquakes.