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Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh No, Not Again

So I recently noticed that this stuff is back:

I got caught up in these cards last year. I don't even follow wrestling but I ended up getting some due to the mini A&G cards inserted into packs. Well that can't possibly happen again, I've managed to calm my mini mania and there probably aren't even any minis in the set this time so I have nothing to worry about.

DAMMIT. So I bought a pack. Or two.

The gum is from Mexico. I don't think this is the same as the nasty Heritage high series gum, but I'm too scared to chew it and find out. Apparently the theme for series 4 is offbeat retro football sets.

This design looks familiar, doesn't it? I've been posting them all fall, it's the 1955 All American set! They look pretty good, and this is one of the few guys I recognize. I feel bad for that poor buy getting beat on though. Here's a vintage for comparison:

"Brick" sounds like a good name for a wrestler. I should probably MSPaint Tamland's head this guy and replace the football with a trident. That's something for another post though.

Like last time there's one design for the base cards, another for the Divas and a third for the Legends. It took me forever to figure out what the heck design this was.

Turns out it's the All Pro subset from 1972 Topps football. I thought it was from some non-sports '70s card set at first like Evel Knievel or KISS. Nope, just 1972 Topps. This is in the high series (I think) which is notoriously hard to find so I ganked this image off eBay. Sorry, I don't have everything, ya know. Between this weird design and the psychedelic tombstone they used for the baseball set, I have one thing to ask: What in the world was the Topps art department smoking in 1972?

Here's the Diva cards. This design is a bit more mainstream, 1964 Topps AFL.

I have one of these cards, I just don't feel like looking for it. Interesting design with the little stars all over it. The originals have solid backgrounds instead of exploding arenas, but I'll overlook this slight straying from the design on aesthetic grounds.

Hey, I know Jerry Lawler! He's the guy who beat hell out of Andy Kaufman. Michael Cole, I don't know him. He apparently just said something intensely stupid judging by the horrified look on Jerry's face.

Yessssssssss. Got my mini. Of John Cena. I have about 47 of his cards and I've never seen him wrestle even once. BUT IT'S A MINI. Success!


dinged corners said...

Are those minis the same ones that are included in the baseball A&G? But randomly inserted in the Heritage IV? Yow.

Kevin said...

Haha, it truly speaks to your Junkie status that you'll pick up packs of this, when even a wrestling fan like myself resists the temptation. Your assessment of Michael Cole is pretty spot on, though to be fair, he and Lawler take turns saying stupid things.

dayf said...

The minis are the same size and style as the baseball ones, but have wrestling stars on them.

Lawler may say stupid stuff, but he has the gravitas to get away with it. This Cole guy looks like a TV weatherman or something.

Motherscratcher said...

Wasn't Jack Brisco on Law and Order?

Also, I wonder if anyone has ever used the word "gravitas" in association with Jerry Lawler before?

Captain Canuck said...

are the minis just of current stars, or are there legends on them too?

DAYF! I need a checklist sir!

PunkRockPaint said...

The Jim Otto was the last card my dad and I needed to complete the '64 set... Took forever in the pre-ebay days...