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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Peavy's killing me

The Braves are supposedly leading in the Jake Peavy Sweepstakes. They've got a bunch of good prospects to deal and Yunel Escobar for a centerpiece. The Cubs don't have the talent to deal to match the Braves, Peavy doesn't seem interested in going to the AL and the Padres surely wouldn't trade Jake to the division rival Dodgers. So, things are looking good for the Bravos, right? Not so fast.

Barry Axelrod, Peavy's agent, indicated Jake might block the trade to Atlanta if Yunel Escobar is involved in the deal because Yunel is too good and the Braves would then have a hole at shortstop. Do what?? Now, I love Escobar. I think he's a hell of a shortstop and could be the second coming of Furcal with less speed and more power. I also think I'd trade him in a millisecond if I thought we could get a Cy Young caliber ace. Braves beat writer David O'Brien e-mailed Axelrod and got a clarification (or a backpedal, take your pick). So now we're back where we started with the interested teams haggling, the Padres trying to squeeze a bigger prospect out of the deal and Peavy angling for more loot. Thank God. I need some backstabbing, politicing and intrigue to follow now that I don't have election stuff to obsess over.


JRJ said...

I think Peavy's awesome, but hasn't he missed time with a sore elbow the last year or so? I seem to remember him not making a couple of starts. That would have me concerned, but if his elbow was fine I'd deal an everyday shortstop for an ace pitcher any day.

gritz76 said...

All reports around here say the Cubs are pushing hard for him. The Padres want Samardzija but he has a no trade clause. I've heard the Padres might settle for Kevin Hart, Felix Pie, and Ronny Cedeno. There was also a rumor that Vitters might get thrown in there.

PunkRockPaint said...

As a Padres season ticket holder, I am rooting for the veto... but as Kevin Towers said, "that train has left the station."

Nathan said...

Hey maybe the Pads can chuck Khalil Greene in on the deal haha. I think Peavy for Escobar is a great deal for the Padres. Peavy was good but not great last year, and the hole at shortstop was one of the reasons why San Diego's offense was so bad.