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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do you all mind if...

... I mail it in this weekend and just post a few cards with a tangentially related YouTube music video? You don't? Whew, I'm glad. I'm about totally burned out and I need a weekend to recharge. What's that? You don't mind if I take off Monday too? That's great! I'll find some extra stupid ones to post then.

I'll start off with an obvious one, it being game day and all.

I know, I usually do Vintage, but the Dawgs can't win the SEC East and they have enough wins to get a bowl, so the urgency isn't there any more.Besides, that Hearst card is pretty damn sweet.


dinged corners said...

Well, good thing it's a Yellow Submarine video or else we were going to have to say We Mind.

ernest said...

it's too bad topps never followed up their early beatle sets with a yellow submarine set. a jeremy hillary boob sp rc would be the highlight of my non-sport collection.