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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pins from Tribe Cards

Here's the second installment of oddballs from that package from Tribe Cards. Oddly enough, I just ripped a pack of similar pins on A Pack A Day a few days ago. In the comments, David noted that he got a box of the things a while back and was still trying to get rid of all of them. Well, I got two of 'em!

The first one is of Mighty Murph. It's a pretty good full bleed picture and if you'll notice it is LICENSED. No airbrushed logos! I'm not sure who Baseball Buttons from Vincentown, New Jersey (or JKA as David points out) is but they paid the fee to do these things right. My pack of pins are completely different and have red and blue borders surrounding the photo. They also are dated 1992. These pins are not from '92, and here's why:

Bruce Sutter! Slightly askew. Hall of Fame Brave. Bruce was also waaaaay out of the league by 1992. Sutter was on the Braves from 1985 to 1988. I tried looking this set up in my price guide but had no luck finding any buttons from that time period. The '92 versions were in there though, and were extremely overpriced. 10 bucks for an oddball Nolan Ryan pin? I don't think so. At any rate these pins and their New Jersey manufacturer are still a mystery to David and I, but they look good on my retro powder Blue Braves cap.

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dinged corners said...

David has sent pins to Lucy and they are a big hit.

PS I think I saw that Braves/Phillies will be the very first teams to play in April.