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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dropkicked Murphy

I got a package in the mail from reader Hollin Norwood yesterday, and since it's my rule that I have to post at least one card withing 24 hours of receiving a package now, here's the card: Dale Murphy on an O-Pee-Chee card in a Phillies uniform. Now, before you get on Hollis for sending such a sad thing as Murph in Philly, the rest of the box he sent is amazing. I'll show it off next week. Besides, I haven't sent him his stuff yet because he's in the middle of a move. Red Sox are comin' whenever you're ready, buddy.

So here's an appropriate song for Murph.

Get it? Dropkick Murphys? And the Braves dropkicked him to the Phillies? And I wanted to drink heavily* when that happened? Get it?


Ok, so I just promised a card and a song. I didn't promise to be funny.

(Besides, the song kicks ass)

* To be fair, he was traded when I was in high school and I always wanted to drink heavily back then.


gritz76 said...

That is funny! I seen the Murpy's at an Irish Festival and got booted for drinking too heavily, I repeat it was an IRISH festival, who knew it was possible?

dinged corners said...

So, Mr. Murphy is swinging a deepfried turkey leg rather than a bat?