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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cards From Connor

Ok time to catch up on the packages. Actually, I'll never catch up as I got three more yesterday. Maybe four, I can't remember. Anyway, here's Connor's thank you gift for the birthday present I sent. A big thanks to Connor and Treasure Never Buried for thinking up the idea in the first place. I've scanned everything in the package so you can all check it out. First, a note from Connor.

That is good handwriting and spelling for a five year old! Heck, my penmanship isn't much better than that. Note the use of the Braves logo for the O in Connor. Very crafty, that. Thank you Connor, for the cards!

1991 Upper Deck Mike Heath

Mike didn't do a whole lot for the Braves but check out the full catcher's gear!

1994 Stadium Club Dave Justice HR Club

Why oh why did we trade him for Kenny Lofton?? All the guy did was win... *See below

1993 Leaf Steve Avery

The backs of these cards are better than the fronts... Ave's got Stone Mountain on the back of his card. If you ever get a chance to check out a laser show there, do it. It's a little rednecky at parts (a LOT rednecky at other parts) but it's still pretty fun.

1993 Leaf Pete Smith

Pete gets the skyline of Atlanta on the back of his card. You can tell I'm a true Atlantan because I have no idea what the names of those buildings are, but I know exactly how to get to the Varsity from each of them.

2008 StarQuest Chipper Jones Super Rare

The first of a string of awesome Chipper cards. I need to check, but I think the only Chipper StarQuest card I don't have now is the Ultra Rare.

2007 Co-Signers Chipper Jones

Chipper I Didn't Have #2... Not a fan of Co-Signers, but I loves the Chippers.

2007 Co-Signers Chipper & Andruw Jones Red Parallel #75/199

Does anyone else out there completely ignore the shadowy figure in the background of these parallel cards and just pay attention to the player that is actually visible? Chipper's on the back of the card too so the Ghost of Andruw's Career just sulks away on the front.

2006 Future Stars Chipper Jones

How Did Upper deck manage to go from this design for Future Stars...

2007 Future Stars Chipper Jones

To this gawdawful mess? I have to confess I like the FS logo on the 2007 version, it reminds me of an Atari 2600 game.

2008 UDX Chipper Jones Xponential^2


More UDX Cards

Sorry, I used up all my allotted UDX excitement on the Chipper. I'll give it a try though... Yay?

2002 Topps Braves Team Card

Yeah, finishing up with a team card. One with one of those fake banner/wall things Topps uses to cover up batboys and players' ugly feet. Great stuff Connor, that's 6 more Chippers I needed! Thanks again!

NOTE: I wrote this mildly raunchy joke and then realized this post was written for a five year old. I've moved the joke down here so parents can protect their children from lame humor. LAUGH WITH CAUTION.

*All the guy did was win... Well that and Halle Berry. I'd call that a win!

I warned you...


Ben said...

Every time I see a Steve Avery card I get a little sting of nostalgia. I followed his career as closely as a ten year old could and my little stack of Avery cards still brings back memories. As ugly as the set is, my favorite Avery card is his 1990 Donruss Rated Rookie. The only Avery card that I never got my little hands on at the time was ths 1989 Topps draft pick card... oh well.

White Sox Cards said...

Nice cards indeed! From what I've seen, Connor puts together wonderful thank you packages.

I totally agree with your assessment on Stone Mountain, as I was there last November. Still, it's a nice place.

Many people will state a case for it but I never cared for Halle Berry. There I said it. Something about her acting grates on my last nerve.

jv said...

Steve, in the grand scheme of things it's not really her acting...

Did you ever see "Monster Ball"? Head back and check out the scene where she and Mr. Bob Thornton get acquainted.


We're really glad you liked the package and the letter, David! Connor did those notes almost 100% by himself. I was super proud of him for the hard work he put into them. Thank you for posting this!