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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Stuff from 78 Topps Cards

Andy at 78 Topps Cards is trying to build up some 1971 and 1973 Topps cards to use for his next blog. I saw a nifty little card I coveted in this post and offered a few Early '70s beauts in exchange. I am notoriously slow and Andy is not, so while the '73s were still in a messy pile, a package of goodies arrived for me yesterday. You guys check 'em out while I desperately hunt for a bubble mailer.

2004 Donruss Estrellas Tim Hudson autographed card

This card came to Andy via David from TribeCards who traded it for a book offered up on 88 Topps Cards. Now it's with me and will not be going anywhere. This card will be up for discussion over at Auto-Matic later tonight sometime.

1986 Topps Tattoos

Awww yeah! I'm gonna get a Pete Rose tattoo in this pack and slap it on my butt! The gum is probably better than the stuff I got out of Heritage High Series too, so bonus.

1992 Stadium Club Charlie Leibrandt

Random, but appreciated. You can see the old Atlanta-Fulton County Shea Stadium outfield in the background with all the team logos circling around the field. Ok, so I can't tell white from gray anymore. We had logos on the wall at one point too!

1987 Donruss Rack Pack

Now this was pretty cool! 1987 is probably my favorite Donruss set. It was one of the first boxes I ever bought from a hobby store instead of just getting bunches of packs here and there. This rack has Jeff Calhoun, Steve Jeltz and Storm Davis showing on the front and a bunch of Roberto Clemente puzzle pieces on the back. Now, I already have Calhoun, Davis and Jeltz, but I am still short about 50 cards for this set, even with that box I bought back in 1987. So, whaddya think? Rip it or save it? It's probably full of doubles, but there might be a Maddux hiding in there. Let me know in the comments, and this pack is just for you. No farming this one out to A Pack A Day for this beauty.

Hey kids, remember the old Toys R Us bright orange price stickers? Well this is one of them. It looks like chewed bubble gum color but it's actually Day-Glo orange. I scanned this thing half a dozen times under several settings, but it never reproduced that bright orange color. Weird, huh?

Thanks again Andy, you've got some 35 year old goodies coming your way!


Stormy said...

The Charlie Liebrandt card is from Shea Stadium, not The Launching Pad.

bailorg said...

I'm all for busting the pack open, but then again I don't really do much in the way of trading, so I tend to bust nearly everything I have unless I've already completed, or nearly completed, the whole set.

Andy said...

I think I have more unopened 87 Donruss...I'll check and perhaps it will head your way sometime too.

No comments on the Smoltz bobblehead huh? That was from reader Timberhill on my blog, also passed along to someone whom I thought would appreciate it more.

steveisjewish said...

bust it!

dayf said...

Actually there's some synergy with the bobblehead with another package I just got so I'm saving that for later.

Ben said...

My vote is for opening the 87 Donruss. 1987 is my favorite Donruss design, but I don't ever remember opening a pack for myself as it was mostly gone when I started collecting in '88 (I did manage to get a hefty brick of 87 Topps from bargain bins at the time though). So open it... I wanna see what's inside :).

Dave said...

Open the rack pack! It's not like it's going to gain any value if you keep it, and it'll be fun to see the cards inside.

Captain Canuck said...

bust it!

oh, and the orange price tags won't scan/copy. that colour is supposedly special for uses such as mark down tags etc.. so nobody could cheat and make their own...

madding said...

Packs were meant to be opened! Go for it!