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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Pimp Fades Into the Sunset

Ok, this is the last blog pimpin' post. I'm officially transfrerring the concept to something else now that I have just received a letter begging for pimpin' and calling himself a whore. The whole thing has gotten too creepy now and I need to figure out some other joke. I thought about taking on the persona of a music promoter, but some of them are far more sleazy than a pimp. Anyway, I'm going legit. I'll still be pimpin', it just won't be called pimpin'. I probably have the DEA monitoring this site already, I don't need Vice Squad after me too. Someone give me a good idea, willya?

Card Junkie

'Cause we junkies have to stick together. Even if they linked to my site with a big 'ol banner and didn't even bother to tell me so I could link them back. In case it isn't clear here is my policy on linking:

Anyone can link this site on their blog whenever and however they want at any time without permission and you can even be rude about it like linking the site to a picture of a donkey butt and I won't mind. It would be nice however, if you shot me an e-mail or posted a comment notifying me that your blog exists. I like reading your blog too.

Anyway stay tuned for a box rip of 1990 Fleer on the new Junkie's site. that man is really in the deep end of junk wax if he's brave enough to rip that.

1990 Upper Deck

In the spirit of 78 Topps Cards (where's my bribe!), here's another "entire set lovingly photographed and described in minute detail" blog. Just because the stuff is cheaper and more abundant than toilet paper doesn't mean it's a bad set! It just needs a little love is all.

Johngy's Beat

This blog has very little to do with baseball cards as far as I can tell, but it's damned entertaining. It's also a chance to point out that waaaay at the bottom of the blog I have links to a few non-card related blogs I like. Check 'em out, or don't. Won't worry me none.

That's all I have time for now, but I'll have more like this coming up tonight.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Sorry bout that =) I always feel that i shouldn't beg for a link, if someone likes my page they will do it if they really want to and that's fine with me. I have to admit I was mortified several months ago when I discovered someone already had a blog named cardboard junkie, and an awesome one at that. I felt about as original as Mr. PiBB. Anyways I've been thankful for your tolerance and even support and I can't wait to rip into that 90 Fleer. I am a unashamed junk wax junkie.

Andy said...

Wait, I'm the guy who sent you the letter calling you a pimp and signed it whore. If you got that, then you should have gotten my bribe...wasn't the card in the envelope?

gritz76 said...

Johngy is almost too cool to be true. I've been reading his stuff for a while and it just keeps coming. If I live to be half as cool as him, I'd still be twice as cool as everybody else.