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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

I suck. I totally forgot it was Veteran's Day. It's not like it's an easy day to miss, just look for all the ones. Hell, I'm MARRIED to a veteran! Still, I didn't remember it was Veteran's Day until I showed up at the post office and remembered why it was closed. In my defense, work last night was teh suck and I didn't even get to bed until after 4am due to two upgrades bombing at the same time. Still, no excuse. I suck. To get myself right again, here's a mostly complete (26/30) set of 2007 Topps Distinguished Service inserts. If you want to read a good post about Veteran's Day, go check out Houston Card Collector.

Thanks to all the veterans for your service, stay safe out there.

Update: JayBee has the entire set, thoughtfully scanned and reviewed and not slapped together at the last second by a half asleep fool. Check it out here.


AlbuqwirkE said...

lol... I went to the post office today too. First I tried pushing on the door. When that failed, I tried pulling it open. No go!

What I don't understand is why Veterans don't like getting mail.

--David said...

Man, what kind of ding-dongs are we? I went to the Post Office today, even AFTER I had posted that it was Veteran's Day!

I had never seen those cards before! Those are great. Looks like I've got some Tribers to add to my "Want" list...

James B. Anama said...


Thanks...I have nothing else to say.


JayBee Anama