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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Card Of the Week 11/04/08

If I get this posted quick enough I can coincide it with the first votes cast in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. (rats, missed it) The subject of this week's COTW is obvious considering what's going on today.

Now anyone who has followed this blog knows I love the HELL out of the Upper Deck Presidential Predictors set. I love it so much I banned the company from the site for a month when they pulled the Hillary/Morganna pulled card/short print shenanigans. While I liked the original set I really liked the Series 2 set. Why? FIGHTS!!!!

Each of the 5 cards in the set (10 with the Hillary variations) depicted a famous baseball fight with the candidates in place of the brawling ballplayers. Here are the five, with corresponding real life girly slapfight.

Note the most egrigious example of the rewriting of history here since Greedo shot first. Barrett popped Pierzynski! Not the other way around! Mickeyfickey deserved it from all acounts too...

I've always liked Varitek since he went to school at Georgia tech, but this image here ensures I'll be a fan forever.

This is from his freakout against the Braves. You'll never catch Bobby in ejections Lou, so quit being a baby!

Here's the biggie, the World Series moment between roid raging Clemens and Mike Piazza. The Hillary version of this card is my favorite, I absolutely adore the innocent "Who, ME!?!" look on her face.

None of these are the Card of the Week though. That honor goes to card PP-13, this one here:

A big ol' scrum between the Red Sox and Yankees. And it's in black & white too, so it's got to be from a long time ago back when the world was black & white. I'd love to tell you what game this fight was from, but problem is, I don't know. I've looked everywhere for a similar fight between Yankees and Red Sox players but they've been fighting for a long time now. Is it Powell vs. Cronin? Fisk vs. Piniella? Pepitone vs. Petrocelli? Fisk vs. Munson? (Fisk gets in a lot of fights, apparently) Or is it simply the timeless battle of Good vs. Evil? Many would say when talking about The Red Sox & Yankees or Democrats vs. Republicans it's a case of Evil vs. Evil, but that's neither here nor there. At any rate, this is a nice card of a crawling, scratching, shoving baseball sissy fight and it's a pretty good metaphor for the grueling Presidential campaign WHICH IS NOW THANKFULLY MERCIFULLY OVER. We can finally all have panic attacks about other things now. Upper Deck got the back right too:


Hopefully the credit crunch doesn't completely bork the entire economy no matter which one of these jokers gets into office or we'll all be burning our cards for heat this winter. I'd never burn this card though. Everyone knows Upper Deck is good eatin' cards. Lots of fiber in them suckers.

Oh yeah folks, one more thing:


UPDATE: Early voting results are in!

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire:
Barack Obama - 15
John McCain - 6
Chipper Jones - 0?!

Hart's Location, New Hampshire:
Barack Obama - 17
John McCain - 10
Ron Paul - 2
Chipper Jones - 0!!!

Not one vote for Chipper Jones! DAMN YOU NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Harris said...

IIRC, the black-and-white card is supposed to represent the Lou Pinella vs. Carlton Fisk brawl in '76. This was the same fight where Spaceman Lee blew out his shoulder.

GCA said...

Hmm, I figured it might be a RF vs. a 3B or SS since those positions were named in the text. Looked it up but couldn't find a matching fight.