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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Topps Basketball Poem #1 - Reggie Theus

All the '80-'81 Topps mini cards have been given away, but I didn't let them go without a price... I requested that each of the recipients pen a poem dedicated to their newfound treasure. The first one returned was from Steve of White Sox Cards. A heartfelt tale of love and loss. Break out the Kleenex for this one, folks.

Reggie Wayne Theus

I dream of a Reggie mini

Only one release beyond that bandaged knee

You wore a number of four plus twenty

Leading your Bulls to victory

With tamed ‘fro on head

Mini shrubbery of black

A ‘stache that rivaled Billy Dee

Life of Rush Street Reggie

Phil Ford, Phil Ford

Damn thy name and trophy

Mini Reggie, truly better than he

Now you are lost to his Airness

Dark clouds of regret and despair

Rain down upon suckled teat

You bit too hard the hand that feeds

Banished to Sacramento by way of KC

No flight of fancy or slight of hand

Prepared for the shore ahead

Now the king of kings

Polishes a tarnished crown

Tamerlane, masculine cow town

Storm and urge, the awakening

A gentle frost asunder assist

Sacramento, it goes on

*sniff* That's beautiful, man...


White Sox Cards said...

Seeing you choke up like that made the whole thing worthwhile.


shanediaz82 said...

Wow, that one puts mine to shame!

--David said...

Why do I feel a song coming on?