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Monday, November 10, 2008

Bleacher Creature Sighting

I really hate to totally steal this picture from Rowland's Office, who got it from The Hipster Dad, but I have been asked so many times about the legend that is... THE BLEACHER CREATURE that I would feel derelict in my duty to not share.

I've seen very few photos of this mythical beast and even though it appears to be eating a small child, this is the best photo I've seen of the critter. For those of you who haven't lived in Atlanta for over 35 years The Bleacher Creature was the Braves' cuddly mascot in the late 70's. I would actually much rather have this second cousin of the Swamp Thing back as our mascot seeing that our current one is a shameful Mr. Met knockoff. So sorry for stealing your precious childhood memories Hipster Dad, but I would be remiss in my duties as a Braves fan not to share the awesome. Now I just need to find a picture of the dude who always dressed like a monk at the Braves games in the 70's.


--David said...

Umm, is that what I think it is that goes down the front and wraps around his foot??

Those kids might have a lot more to worry about than being eaten....

Jane said...

Finally someone else who remembers the great green bleacher creature. I have been trying for a long time just to see if anyone but me remebered him. I remember him very well and are my great memories as a kid going to the games. I still have a stuffed bleacher creature that I have treasured for years. Got pics of him if anyone is interested. jgpooh2002@yahoo.com