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Monday, November 10, 2008

TribeCards Trivia

Ok, I said I was gonna show off some oddball stuff I got from TribeCards several months ago, and now I'm a gonna do it! First up, something simple and wonderful and sadly neglected today.

1991 Score World Series Trivia Cards

I've had Score on the brain lately, and one of the things I really miss about them is the weird little lenticulated trivia cards they inserted in their packs form 1988-1991 in lieu of gum, stickers or puzzles. These inserts are woefully ignored by the hobby community nowadays, you can't even find a checklist or value (or even a mention, for that matter) of them in even the thickest price gude nowadays. Didn't anyone else out there like these things? In 1991 the theme for the set was "World Series Trivia" and David sent me a complete set of trivia cards for years the Braves won the Championship. A full Braves set would also include their pennant winning years of 1948 and 1958, but I don't blame David for hoarding piles of the 1948 card. Here are the backs of the cards for all you out there who never experienced the bliss of 1991 score, but also crave the knowledge that can be gained from a small, colorful scrap of plastic and cardboard.

1914 Miracle Braves

Not only was the Braves' sweep of the A's one of the most shocking upset in sports history, the loss devastated the A's entire franchise. Connie Mack dismantled the team in 1915 and the A's finished in last place for the next seven years. It was as ridiculous as the premier franchise in Baseball getting beat by an expansion team that had been around only 4 years.

1957 Milwaukee Braves

Did you know that the 1957 Braves were the only non-New York team to win a Word Series in the '50s? Yet Ken Burns didn't say a DAMN THING about them in the 7th inning of his series! Bastard! Ok, ok... the Los Angeles Dodgers won the Series in 1959. I consider any team with Duke Snider on it to be the Brooklyn Dodgers. Yep, Even the '63 Mets. Man, the Bums really stunk that last season. 1964, however, never happened. IT NEVER HAPPENED. Duke never wore a Giants uniform, that - that's just not possible.

Next up... Who knows? I haven't quite figured that out yet. Maybe something big.


--David said...

Heh-heh, yeah, I pilfered the '48s for selfish reasons! :-) I always thought these kinds of things were cool, too. They just give you more than some one-panel cartoon on the back of a card, ya know?

I don't even remember what all I sent in that package to you... Then again, I don't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday either... Oh wait, it was spaghetti... :-)

night owl said...

I have a number of those WS trivia cards just sitting in a box in my basement waiting for the day when I want some WS knowledge.

Snider a Giant (shiver).