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Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Polls - Blog Tweaks

Final tallies are in on the polls. I still think I didn't express myself properly on the first poll, but it's good enough for government work. First, here are the final totals in order of most to least.

Cardboard Junkie vote:

62 votes:
Don't change anything 29 (46%)
Slideshow of card images 21 (33%)
Recent Comments 13 (20%)
Personal stuff 12 (19%)
The "Follow This Blog" gadget 10 (16%)
The Video Bar gadget 3 (4%)
A list of the Labels 3 (4%)
AdSense advertisements 3 (4%)
The Newsreel gadget 2 (3%)

Auto-matic for the People vote:

40 votes:
Dump it, migrate everything over here and focus on this blog 17 (42%)
Add relic, vintage or insert cards to the mix 9 (22%)
Add new writers to post their own autographs 8 (20%)
Keep everything the same and post when the autograph Muse strikes 6 (15%)

Ok, first up, I have to discuss two particular answers:

Don't change anything 29 (46%)
Dump it, migrate everything over here and focus on this blog 17 (42%)

Ok, so these two won hands down on both polls. Why am I not following the Voice of the People then? These two options had to win by 50% or more, that's why. My polls, my blogs, my rules. Basically it was a decision between "do something" and "don't do anything" on Junkie, and "kill it" or "keep it" on Auto-matic. "don't do anything" and "kill it" both got under 50% of the vote so they lose. Which is fine with me, so let's move on and figure out what I'm actually going to do with these beasts.

On the Junkie poll, "Slideshow of card images" won with 33%. Slideshow has now been added. If anyone notices a significant slowdown on loading the page let me know. I'm currently showing off the oldest album in my Picasa account, which were from my very first posts on the blog. I'll swap 'em around every so often.

Ok, next three options in order:

Recent Comments 13 (20%)
Personal stuff 12 (19%)
The "Follow This Blog" gadget 10 (16%)

These all got a good amount of votes. If you'll notice, the Follow This Blog feature has been added. Why that one? Well I get a vote too! Besides, I like having a Posse just like Andre the Giant. I'm stopping at two changes right now, if they go smoothly, I might add the others later. If you want them added sooner, complain at me and I'll see what I can do. Videos, Labels, Newsreels and AdSense got tepid support so they're out.

Ok, now for Auto-matic for the People. Kill the blog failed 23-17. The top two responses were add relic cards, and add writers. Since I did get some interest from people wanting to write for the blog, I'm going to open it up and see if anyone takes me up on the offer. If no one bites, I can fold in some relic cards to spice things up. If you are interested in writing about autograph cards for Auto-matic for the People, e-mail me at dayf13 at gmail dot com. I'll get back to you with the ground rules and if you're cool with them, I'll add you as an author. I'm looking for A Pack A Day type of thing, just with autographs. We'll see how it works out.

Finally, you'll notice I have a new poll up there. This is just for fun and to satisfy my curiosity. I have been desperately trying to keep partisan politics to a minimum on this blog and I'm not too sure I succeeded. So, with less than 48 hours before the election, I'd like to know...

Who, dear readers, do you think I will be voting for first thing Tuesday morning? Not who you want to win, not who the polls say will win, who you think I will personally be voting for based on my various biases and tells on this blog. Some may have figured it out from my comments, e-mails and other blogs, but I'm still curious. I've got something fun in store for Tuesday night so the 'no politics' guideline will be out the window for at least one day anyway. Go ahead and vote in the poll and vote for real! And thanks for your support!

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