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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Topps Basketball Poetry - #5 John Williamson

Today we have a Limerick dedicated to John Williamson's short shorts courtesy of reader Alec J.

There once was a man with pants that were short,
They helped with his skills upon the court.
Then one day came a man probably unrelated to Chris Pronger,
He said, "Your shorts! AAAAAH! Please make them longer!"
But John just couldn't give up their support.

Thank goodness there are no NBA teams based in Nantucket or I'd have to cancel the poetry reading. I do regret not having ripped an Artis Gilmore card, as I would love to see some of the rhymes for afro.

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Motherscratcher said...

After the 3rd line ended in Pronger, I was terrified that the 4th would somehow, inevitably, end with the word "donger". I'm very happy that Alec J. is more articulate than me.