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Monday, November 10, 2008

Pimpmasta D back in action

One of these days writing a card blog using joking references to substance addiction and despicable criminals who sell women's bodies for money is going to come back to really bite me in the ass hard. While I will never cop out and rename the blog Card Junk (at least not until I sell out and get a big, fat check from some corporate entity), if anyone can give me a good gag to promote other people's blogs while not associating myself with people like these I'd appreciate it. Or, if you prefer I can go whole hog, get my pimp name, have PunkRockPaint design a pimped out Junkie logo and go all in on the joke, consequences be damned. Since this might be the end of the pimpin', I'm going to go out with my favorite Frank Zappa song and the absolute best guitar solo of all time.

Aaaah, beautiful. Now on to the blogs.

Houston Card Collector

Box breaks, hi-res card pr0n and of course, Astros cards. Gotta love those team collectors. Again, I'm bewildered how it took me so long to find this blog.

At one point in time I wanted to do something like this with Card #13. In a particularly evil moment I thought I might do #666. I was always t0o lazy and unfocused to follow through though. THIS GUY FOLLOWED THROUGH. Every card is card #5. And not 1988 Donruss #5 and 2007 Topps #5 either. ALL KINDS OF CRAZY OLD ODDBALL NUMBER FIVES. This is one of those blogs where you have to puck your jaw off the floor after reading.

Cardboard Addict

Here's another one where I probably linked or maybe even posted the blog at some point in the past, but what the hell, here it is again for the first time. Old cards, new cards, Yaz cards, sets of cards, hockey cards, and an '87 Topps project that has thankfully allowed me to put a crazy idea I had on the back burner. I have to stick up for my fellow addicts, you know.

The Pursuit of '80s

This is that guy from England that trades with everybody. I didn't know he had a blog! I need to send this guy some stuff. Of course I need to send about two dozen other people some stuff too, but this guy's from England. The fact that he resides on the same island as Rik Mayall means he should probably get bumped up a few spots on the list. Now I have some new want lists to go over!

Dropped Third Strike

I don't know if I had this site open in a Firefox tab to pimp, or to inquire about a trade. There's a fantastic story about former Braves broadcaster Don Sutton, so maybe I'll do both.


A subsidiary of OMGREDS.com, this is a blog wholly dedicated to Joey Votto. While I'm fairly neutral about Joey (Jurrjens for ROY, dammit!!!) the title vottoTRON is freaking superawesome. Just say it out loud. vottoTRON. vottoTRON vottoTRON vottoTRON! Teh shinies are nice too.

Ok, I think that's it for the week. More (pimpin'/not pimpin') next week, but with something new... Don't fear the new, I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

Oh bugger! I almost forgot

78 Topps Cards

Andy's follow up to 88 Topps Cards has launched. He zips back one decade and reviews the entire 1978 Topps card set. Cards 1-6 and 7-12 are already posted. I'm dead serious about printing up a Play Ball game set, so if anyone wants to play after the set is posted, just let me know.


Flash said...

Let me know if you need some cards, I got a few (hundred) of Upper Deck base still left. And check out http://kimaloo.wordpress.com/ for Allen Ginter doubles you may need. Looks like everyone has been going for Heroes, I'm starting to run low on those.

Thanks for pimpin' my blog.

capewood said...

Thanks for the link to the pimp names. Just what I need.

Mr. White Chocolate walk Shizzle

Billy Suter said...

YEAH!!!!! ZAPPA!!!!!

--David said...

I'd be up for playing play ball... Heck, I'm running scratch-off tourneys, am I not? signed, Vicious D. D. Valentine

Cardboard Addiction said...

Thanks for the pimpin'. It's nice to find like minded individuals on line. In my life 99% of the adults I know look at my Addiction as juvenile or a waste of money.

Dan said...

Thanks for pimpin' big vottoTRON. Glad ya like the name... we're found of it ourselves.