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Monday, November 10, 2008

Matt HollidA's

The Oakland A's dealt Carlos Gonzalez, Huston Street and Greg Smith to the Rockies to get Matt Holliday and his expiring contract for the 2009 season. Matt turned down the Rockies' extension so he had to go. Read all about the gory details on how it went down at MLB Trade Rumors.

Now that a deal has gone down maybe the trade market will loosen up and we might get a deal for Peavy done. At this point I don't care where he goes, I just want the Braves to do something. Give CC 100 million bucks. Trade KJ for Ludwick and sign Lemmer to a minor league contract to take over second. Sign Corey Patterson and convert him to a closer. Do something. Seriously, I'm starting to get antsy here.


ManOfSteal said...

I'm not sure what I think of the trade yet. If Beane plans on signing Holliday to an extension (and adding another bat to the line-up next year), then I'm okay with it. But if he's just a one year rent-a-player, then I think they gave up too much. I like Street, but don't mind seeing him go cinsdering the other relievers we have on the team. Gonzalez had a pretty impressive first half, and I had high hopes for him next year. Smith pitched much better than his numbers indicated, and with a little run support, would have had a pretty good year. I'm really glad that the rumors of Ryan Sweeney and Brett Anderson being included did not prove to be true.

dayf said...

I think Billy Beane's reasoning behind it is if he has an MVP year and helps them to the playoffs, great. If the A's flop and they can unload him at the deadline for something better they can do so. If they hold on to him, but can't trade or resign him, most likely he'll be a Type A player and will net them 2 draft picks. The big risk in this is if he has an Andruw Jones type season away from Coors and they can't unoad him and he ends up a Type B player and it's not worth offering arbitration. Overall, it looks like he can help the team and will get the A's something even if he walks. It's a good calculated risk and by striking early, they avoid competing with some other teams like the Braves once the trade market really heats up. I hate that Street is going to have to pitch in Coors though... I've liked him as a pitcher for a while.

Cardboard Addiction said...

I'm finding it hard picturing Holliday in any other uniform other than the Rockies. Whose gonna protect him in that line-up? Mark Ellis? Emil Brown? Holliday must not have a "No Trade Clause", who would wan't to go from Coors field to a park with miles and miles of foul territory, keeping your ball in play.

dinged corners said...

It is hard to imagine him in another uniform! Especially since he's one of those players whom we seem to get a card of in every single pack we've ever gotten, evvver.

Duncan1800 said...

As a fan of the Athletics (since before Colorado had a team) and the Rockies (since 1993 when we finally got one), you can understand that I'm rather torn by this.

On the one hand, it's awesome to see the Athletics get a top-tier career-prime slugger again (even if it may only be temporary). But on the other hand, the Rockies desperately needed - and now have - more consistent pitching depth.

Oh, well. I have enough cards (seriously) of Holliday in purple pinstripes - let's see him in kelly green for a change!

Sadly, the Rockies will only play the A's in Oakland next year, so I won't have a chance to see Holliday make a return to Coors just yet.