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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Package from Steve

As I said yesterday, out of the blue a package shows up from Steve of White Sox Cards. Steve is on my short list of "People I just send random crap two when the mood strikes me" with Mario and Lucy, so not a big surprise to see stuff coming back, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. Since Steve always (and I mean always) lists out every card he receives in the mail, I'm going to do the same.

2001 Press Pass Optima Terry Labonte #12

I have no idea what this card is doing in here, unless it's a "He's from Georgia, he must like NASCAR" kind of thing. I dunno, I just never got into it. I used to like Indy Car racing before they screwed it up, but that's another story. The card looks good though and I got a kick out of Eet and Ern on Terry's race suit. I have no idea how I knew what the names of those two characters were.

1991-92 Hoops Kenny Smith #33
1991-92 Hoops Alexander Volkov #34
1991-92 Hoops Dominique Wilkins #36

This... is an AWESOME looking photo on this card.

2008 UDX Greg Maddux #83
2008 UDX Greg Maddux die cut #83

2008 UDX John Smoltz #6
2008 UDX John Smoltz die cut #6

2008 UDX Mark Teixeira Xponential X-MT
2008 UDX Mark Teixeira Xponential^2 X2-MT

Every time I see these Xponential cards I want to run out and buy a blaster of this stuff. 10 shiny cards and a jersey is not worth twenty bucks though. I must stay strong...

2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Omar Infante UH104
2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Brent Lillibridge RC UH4
2008 Topps Updates & Highlights john Smoltz 3000 Ks Highlights UH125
2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Casey Kotchman UH306

2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Vladimir Nunez UH96

That Kotchman card is Bee-You-Tee-Fool. I'm surprised by some of the players selected for U&H, I guess Topps is saving rookies like Charlie Morton for the 2009 release. Expect to see a Charlie Morton signature in every single product until June if that's the case. That Smoltz card showcases his last good start before the shoulder blew up. Hopefully he'll get a chance to take the hill at least one more time.

1992 Ultra Tom Glavine #6
2007 UD Future Stars Jeff Francoeur #6

The Glavine and the Frenchy are case studies in great card design and horrific card design.

2004 Leaf Chipper Jones Gamers G4

I bought a ton of Leaf in '04 but this insert eluded me.

2008 Allen & Ginter Mark Teixeira Jersey AGR-MT

LAST CARD NEEDED FOR THE A&G RELIC TEAM SET! I'm still missing Kotchman, but I have all the Braves now. You'll see me show the whole thing off soon.

2008 Moments & Milestones Tom Glavine 74 Career Wins #137 serial numbered 083/150

Only five lefties have ever won over 300 games. He still wasn't worth 8 million and our first round draft pick this year.

1992 Pinnacle Steve Avery Grips #612
1994 Donruss Steve Avery Special Edition #41

Why aren't there cards like this one of Ave's fastball anymore?

2008 UD First Edition Chipper jones Green StarQuest SQ-10
2008 Topps Opening Day Andruw Jones #55

Looks like Christmas with all the red and green on these cards.

2003 Upper Deck Javy Lopez Star Rookie #29
1990 Best Vinicio Castilla#278
2004 Bazooka Andruw Jones Tattoo
1996 Stadium Club Roberto Kelly Best Seat inthe House #219
2006 Upper Deck Andruw Jones World Baseball Classic #40

All of these cards are awesome in their own ways, but it would take forever to scan all of them so I'll just just sum then up. Javy - '93 Upper Deck is the best set they will ever produce. Vinicio seriously looks like he's 14 on this card. Big head tattoo of 'Druw will never be attatched to my skin. Roberto slides at Eddie Taubensee in a close play at the plate. Andruw looks like the Great Pumpkin in his WBC Netherlands Jersey.

2005 Finest Chipper Jones #26

AKA'The Hypnotist's Set"

2008 SP Legendary Cuts Tom Glavine Destined for History Jersey #DH-TG

This must be that card he saw pop up in a previous trade. Anyone need a Glavine? I swear this is a Mets swatch, I don't care about the new rules about the picture matching the jersey.

2008 Topps Heritage Brian McCann Chrome Refractor C91 #374/559

When Steve says he was procrastinating, he meant this. I remember him e-mailing me about this card a while ago and now it's here. Good things come to those who wait.

2008 Goudey Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe Hit Parade of Champions HPC-10

I freaking love this set. Gordie shows off his trophy of Audrey II in this photo. Feed me, Gordie!

2007 Allen & Ginter Flags of all Nations - Bulgaria

I'm gonna finish this set. Maybe in 2032, but I'm gonna finish it.

2003 UD Victory Greg Maddux Winning Formula #197

This was such a weird set. this plalying card lookign ting had holographic superfractorish foil on the back of the card. No really.

Last card- 1990-91 Hopps Dell Curry Stay in School #387

Seriously kids, stay in school. If you drop out, you'll end up digging ditches or living on the streets or designing card sets like Upper Deck X or UD Victory. No one wants that.

Thanks Steve!

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White Sox Cards said...

The NASCAR card was a buffer card to protect the others. I thought it would work for the exact reasons you stated... Eet & Ern.

The Glavine card WAS the one I was thinking of. I thought the other relic was a repeat too. Thankfully not.

The McCann card is why I sent the note about procrastination. That started the pile way back in February. Ick! Has it been sitting there that long???

I'm glad I can hit some of the holes in your extensive collection.