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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Peavy Trade Imminent?

CBS thinks so, and MLB Trade Rumors just picked it up. (Baseball Musings used the same title as me! Cool!) There might be a deal in place to send Yunel, Gorkys, and two pitchers (Morton or JoJo, and a reliever) to the Padres for Jake.

The Braves have been waiting for Kevin Towers to get a move on, and want a deal before free agency kicks off on Friday. Lou Piniella popping his mouth off about the trade probably didn't help the Padres' bargaining position. If anything happens while I'm online, I'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime I need to put together a condolences package for PunkRockPaint.


Captain Canuck said...


dayf said...

This reaction I did not expect.

We ain't trading LaRoche agin! It's just Yunel!

Rod said...

It will be nice to see all the guys I watched play in Portland this year play at the major league level next year. Maybe we can call them the San Diego Beavers

Anonymous said...

As a Cubs fan, I was really hoping he would end up in Chicago but the Cubs really don't have the ammunition to pull this off. It does seem surprising though that the Padres aren't holding out for a Flowers or Schafer type of player.

It'll be interesting to see what he does when he's out of SD. His home/road splits last year weren't very good.

Captain Canuck said...

I am tired. I am tired of the Braves bringing in vets constantly that don't work out. Tex, Glavine, Mondesi, too many relievers to count...et al.
Yes, a few worked out... Diaz, Franco (Julio, not Matt), Kotsay.. But didn't we still give up too much for Kotsay?
It's time to rebuild... we have an awesome, well stocked minors... and some really great youth on the big club. Can we not just start all over like it's '91 and watch the kids grow?
Quit trading everyone away for one superstar, we need more than that.

dayf said...

There's one big reason why the Braves want to win now: Bobby. We only have a few years left with him as skipper at most and they don't want to waste one of them by starting from scratch.

The good thing about Peavy is that he is locked up for at least 4 years so he's not going anywhere. There is the injury risk, but you have that with every pitcher in the league pretty much. Losing Yunel is tough, but there's a few stopgap type vets out there (Renteria, Furcal) that could cover the position a year or three. You're holding onto your studs (Hanson, Heyward, Schaefer) and getting a potential Cy Young winner.

If they were trading off the absolute best in the farm system, I'd hate it too. Just go out and sign Dempster or Low or Burnett and keep the prospects. PEavy can be elite though, and if he stays healthy and Huddy comes back, the rotation in 2010 might be EPIC.

It's a risk, and we've crapped out more often than not lately, but I think it's a good risk.