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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm a Georgia Voter

6:59 am - got in car
7:05 am - arrived at polling place, no parking
7:06 am - parked at the office building across the street and hoped no one cared
7:10 am - arrived at the end of a very long line
7:11 am - regretted not digging for an old magazine or comic in the trunk of my car
7:15 am - started looking through the games I could download on my phone
7:16 am - was glad I grabbed a sweater before leaving the house
7:23 am - got bored looking through games I didn't want to download
7:25 am - decided to play the free Demo of Tetris on my phone
7:26am - found out that 'silent' mode when playing games means play the music at twice the normal level
7:26:01 am - turned off the phone
7:33 am - ladies came by with coffee and snacks that I didn't take
7:41 am - chuckled a bit at the guy in front of me wearing shorts and a polo
7:42 am - realized he is warm and toasty because he is easily 50 lbs heavier than me and I ain't light
7:44 am - got a sample ballot to look over
7:45 am - realized I had no clue which school board member my wife wanted me to vote for
7:49 am - passed a clipboard and pen stuck in the bushes because no one knew what to do with it
7:53 am - wife calls and is appalled that I haven't gotten through the line already
7:53:30 am - wife waffles on going to vote this morning or wait till the evening
7:54 am - informed my wife that she will be voting this morning
7:55 am - realized I forgot to ask her about the school board member
7:55:01 am - decided voting against the incumbent is the safest move
7:57 am - got close enough to the entrance to count the number of people ahead of me and subtract the people coming out of the building to estimate how much longer it would take
8:01 am - lady handed out ballot slips, no pens
8:02 am - saw another clipboard and pen sitting on a trash can
8:02:30 am - too chicken to get out of line to go get it
8:05 am - nice lady handed me the clipboard, I filled out ballot slip
8:06 am - I am directly in the middle of the walkway between the exit and back parking lot
8:06:01-8:11 am - people run me over getting to the back parking lot
8:12 am - I'm almost in the building!
8:13 am - I'm in the building!
8:14 am - feel really bad as the kid 6 people ahead of me in line is told that his polling place is at a different location
8:16 am - handed my ballot slip to the nice lady who has been a poll worker every single time since I moved here 10 years ago
8:18 am - received my ballot card for the voting machine
8:19 am - chose the ballot machine next to the guy wearing shorts


8:20:30 am - savored the moment
8:21 am - finished off the rest of the ballot
8:21:30 am - double checked the ballot
8:21:45 am - cast the ballot
8:22 am - took the ballot card to the old guy by the door and got my sticker

Darryl Cheney would be proud of me.


deal said...

my journey start to finish was about half as long as your, and had some similar touches. glad you persevered regardless of who you voted for - and it has made for a great story for the rest of us.

Flash said...

I did mine on Saturday. It wasn't very eventful. The highlight was a young girl with her family that was doing cave exploration in her nose. She was just sitting there digging for gold in front of everyone. She had to be about 5 years old. But other than going to the "special table" because I had an address change, it was all pretty standard stuff. 45 minutes in all I believe.

dinged corners said...

great story, dayf.

lucy doesn't want us to move to canada, so we hope the right person wins.

on the other hand, at least there's the blue jays.