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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Was Wrong

Totally, utterly, completely, absolutely, ridiculously wrong.

Matt Ryan was a damn good draft pick and I feel like a dumbass for missing the entire offseason and the first third of the season pouting because they didn't pick Glenn Dorsey. Even my thought that the defense would suck without an impact lineman was wrong, wrong, wrong as the Falcons shut out the Raiders today. Ok, so it was the Raiders, but you don't shut teams out on their home turf. That shouldn't happen. So basically despite my two fantasy football league championships, I am a terrible judge of NFL talent and no one should ever, ever hire me to be their GM. Not even the Lions. Even worse is I was all on board with the Dimitroff and Smith hirings and I didn't give them the benefit of the doubt. Man, am I stupid.

Arthur Blank still sucks though. I was right about that. I can't watch the 4th quarter of games on TV anymore. Boooo Arthur! Get the hell off the sidelines!


Captain Canuck said...

welcome back buddy.

now explain to me how my Cowboys can have a winning record, and yet be in last place in the division???

stusigpi said...

Looks like Flacco and Ryan were the best picks so far. Good news for me, I got a UD Icons Die Cut Flacco /75 and didn't even realize it.

deal said...

Ryan was a winner at BC - I am looking fprward to see his NFL career - I do think he has the potential to be a very good NFL QB. but who knows maybe the league hasn't caught up w/ him yet. The Falcons D has been really carrying them. I mean to hold the other team to 15 mins time of possession is ridiculous.

Russ said...

I'm glad you finally realized this.