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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Swap with Hollin

A couple of weeks ago reader Hollin e-mailed me and offered to send some Braves my way. Hollin is a Red Sox fan so I offered a Sox for Braves swap. I received a loaded package from Hollin so let's show it off... First up is a bunch of assorted Braves. Lots of eclectic stuff in there... Triple Play, Studio, Opening Day, Bowman Chrome, Sports Illustrated for Kids among other things. HEre's the Top 5 Braves:

2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Chipper Jones All Star Jersey

This is the card I wanted from that set. I like the design a lot, the oval and star works well with that picture and the foil Yankee Stadium facade you can't see because of the scan is a nice touch. Any possibility of me buying a box of this is now dead.

2008 Topps Chrome Chipper Jones Xfractor

I can't get enough Chipper Jones shiny parallels. This one looks a little odd as the Xfractor squares make Chipper and Teixeira look like they merged into conjoined twins. The lady in the red dress at right only adds to the confusion.

2008 Opening Day Chipper Jones Flapper card

I've wanted this card since I first saw it on the pre-sell checklist. I have a David Wright flapper card that I only held on to as a type card, but now I can give it away to someone who can appreciate the overrated Mets third baseman. Or... I could finally get a chance to utilize the full flapper potential of the card. Hmmmmm...

2006 Topps Jeff Francoeur Wal-Mart Exclusive

This blaster-only insert card features Frenchy on the 1998 Topps design. I think that is one of the best designs Topps ever came up with but it came out during the late '90s card lull so not many collectors are familiar with it.

1992 Donruss Dave Justice Spirit of the Game

A lot of people look at 1992 Donruss and wonder why anyone bought that junk. Well one reason why people bought it is because there was a dramatic jump in quality from the '91 to the '92 set. The design may look a bit boring now, but back then it was really classy looking, especially for a base set. It also came out really early, I want to say before Thanksgiving, so people were very interested in having some 1992 cards in 1991. None of that is the real reason we all went loopy for this set though, the real reason is that we wanted the Diamond Kings and these Spirit of the Game cards. Dang, these are good looking cards.

2008 Opening Day Jake Peavy Puzzle card

The Peavy saga is getting strange. When we last left off, Padres owner John Moores was having a fire sale due to his messy divorce, GM Kevin Towers started shopping Peavy, and the Braves made an offer. The Padres tried to get a bidding war going and dragged their feet on the Braves' offer and Frank Wren got fed up and moved on. Since then, the Cubs have re-signed Ryan Dempster, the Braves are chasing AJ Burnett and Towers has to dump salary, but may have alienated their legit bidders. Lou Piniella even went as far to say that the team needed a bat and the rotation was fine. Now Towers needs to move some salary and has no one bidding. Oops. Meanwhile rumors are still flying, the Braves beat writer is still absolutely convinced that Peavy will eventually be a Brave and to be honestnot much was really going to happen until the arbitration deadline anyway. I remain cautiously optimistic.

Hollin also includes FIVE team sets along with the random Braves, Here they are:

1987 Donruss Opening Day

I really like the '87 Donruss set so this is very cool to me.

1987 Durham Bulls team set

I originally thought the Chipper jersey card would be my favorite thing out of the package. Nope. This was a Lemke card I didn't have and deperately wanted. I think I might have to get my Lemmer collection in order so I can try to get one of every card that was made of Lemke. I've seen the list and it's actually quite doable. I don't think there are any one of ones, but i don't count them anyway.

1990 Durham Bulls team set

Thanks to Hollin's trade and Mark's rescue package I now have at least a partial set of every Bulls team from 1987-1992. Great stuff for a big fan of Crash Davis. Well, I'm more a fan of Annie, but you know what I mean.

1990 Durham Bulls team set

This is actually two team sets, the main set and a 9 card Update set with the immortal Mike Kelly. First seeing the legal pad design of this set back in 1990 was a huge factor behind my coming to the conclusion that minor league sets were cheezy. I like 'em, they're just cheezy.

1992 Durham Bulls team set

I don't really need to explain this one. Just bask in the glory that is Chipper.

Great stuff Hollin! Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks that the All Star jersey cards would look better without the jersey?

I'd probably chase the whole set if there were a no jersey variation.

Captain Canuck said...

a very nice haul! I'm jealous!

Chris Harris said...

That David Justice SOTG insert is actually from 1993 D'Russ.

jim_bob said...

The 87 Donruss card is neat because it has the 80's Braves logo on the card, but Murph's jersey is the new design that is still in use. I would love for the Braves to wear their 80's jersey's for a few games, instead of the ugly red, Sunday-only jerseys. Happy Turkey day!