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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cards from Cardboard Icons

Ben from Cardboard Icons looked over my Heritage Want List and and sent me quite a few SP's and inserts off my list. I've got a lot of stuff heading his way as well, but his stuff got here before mine even went out. Here's a taste of the goodies Ben sent:

2008 Heritage

News Flashbacks 4 Dalai Lama

My mom just got a dog and named her Dalai. Now she can call her dog in the park and people will think it's Dolly, but really she's making a subtle protest supporting Tibet. My mom is a little weird. Of course when she told me the name I immediately thought of this. I'm a little weird too.

Then & Now 8 Minnie Minoso and Ichiro

Two future Hall of Famers. One of them should have been in years ago, but the Hall of Fame is completely full of $#!%.

New Age Performers 4 Prince Fielder

One day, Prince Fielder is going to hit a game winning home run in a crucial game against the Braves and from that moment forward I will always head Frank Zappa's "The Evil Prince" in my head whenever I hear Prince's name. Actually I'm kinda rooting for that to happen. I love Zappa.

2007 Heritage

129 Jerry Owens
355 Matt Diaz
478 Chase Utley All Star

I'm pretty sure all these are short prints. Matt Diaz might complete my Braves team set, but I'll have to double check.

Then & Now 6 Johnny Podres and Aaron Harang

This card makes no sense. The stat is K's per 9 innings,but the leaders in those categories were Sam Jones and Jake Peavy. Podres and Harang were #4 and #6 respectively.

FlashBacks 7 Eddie Yost

Not much must have happened in 1958 for Topps to commemorate Yost's 100th home run. The Walking Man is a cool nickname though.

New Age Performers 1 Ryan Howard
New Age Performers 2 Alex Rodriguez
New Age Performers 5 Trevor Hoffman
New Age Performers 13 Ivan Rodriguez

Howard's about to blow! RUUUUUUUUUN

2006 Heritage

Then & Now 3 Mickey Mantle and Jason Giambi
Then & Now 6 Stan Musial and Derrek Lee

Considering this set is based on one of the cleanest designs for a trading card set ever, the color choices on the inserts are really strange.

Flashback FM-SM Stan Musial
Flashback FM-WF Whitey Ford

I really wish I could read the signs behind Whitey.

New Age Performers NAP-DL Derrek Lee
New Age Performers NAP-I Ichiro
New Age Performers NAP-VG Vladimir Guerrero

See what I mean about the colors in this set? Linda Blair Green surrounded by a red and blue border. Insanity.

That just filled a bunch of holes in my collection. Thanks, Ben!

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PunkRockPaint said...

The photo on the "walking man" card id AWESOME!!! AND Sept. 6th is my birthday!!!

Ooooh!!! New fave card!!!