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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Man, I need this right now. There's too many horrible stressful annoying things going on right now. Three hours a week listening to the Dawgs on the radio is just what the doctor ordered. Man, I hope Larry is calling the game today. Damn, I need Larry to be calling the game today. The perfect combination of homerism and pessimism with a dash of Lady Luck added for flavor.

Here's a Bulldog card from my favorite football set, 1955 Topps All American. I wish I had bought up more of these instead of spending money on Upper Deck and Donruss crap through the years. I like pretty much everything about these cards. The large '50s style cards, the bright colors, the black & white action background, and best of all the awesome cartoony logo. The backs are pretty cool too, nice soothing blue ink and a huge illustrated trivia question that takes up a third of the card. Gotta love a '50s bathing beauty riding on a Rose parade float on the back of a trading card. Sinkwich is one of the University of Georgia's Heisman winners, so maybe posting this card to kick off the season will bring good luck to Knowshon or Stafford. This is going to be a tough season with our brutal schedule, but being ranked the preseason #1 means that our destiny is in our own hands for once. Bring on Georgia Southern!


dinged corners said...

A truly great-looking classic card, with style. The text on the back uses unusual diction...for instance "Frankie's a fabulous player!"

Russ said...

UGA loses to UF, LSU and has a close one with Bama.

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