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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Absolutely Freaking Huge Package From Dinged Corners

This post has been intimidating me for over a week and I've decided I'm just going to attack it in phases and bump it up to the top on each update. I was surprised by a huge package waiting at my door one afternoon. And I mean huge, when the mailman dropped it off there was a loud clunk on the porch. When I opened it up, I found a ton of swag from Dinged Corners. A whole bunch of cards and some other stuff too. If I sat down and tried to do this post all at once it would take a long weekend, so instead I'm going to chip away at it a little at a time. I'll start with the excellent packing job:

The cards came in two bricks packed inside ziploc bags sealed with masking tape. While Joe Collectors would be horrified that hermetically sealed triple thick magnetic loaders were not used, everything was packed tightly and got to my door fine. This brick has a Mark Lemke rookie card on top.

Here's Fancy Packin' brick 2. Chipper Jones peeks out from behind the tape. Patricia and Lucy may not realize it, but masking tape is the best to use when shipping cards. Anyone who has received cards in the mail has had some come in with the cards in top loaders and the top loaders taped together with scotch tape. When you try to get that tape off the top loaders what happens? That's right, the sticky grabs on tight to the plastic and you now have a stickyloader. You can either chuck the stickyloader, spend 20 minutes trying to unsticky it or put your favorite card inside it and paste it to your cat. Masking tape holds everything together just as tight, but also actually comes off. I was able to dismantle this package lickety split, thanks to the judicious use of masking tape.

Y Helo Thar!

Cards from 2008

8 Bowman:
4 Mark Teixeira
9 Andruw Jones
109 Tim Hudson
114 Kelly Johnson
129 Yunel Escobar
189 Jeff Francouer
BP2 Jamie Richmond
BCP2 Jamie Richmond

I think I'm done with Bowman for the year now that I have the Braves.

8 Upper Deck
42 Chuck James
49 Willie Harris
409 Tom Glavine
410 Kelly Johnson
413 Jeff Francoeur
416 Tyler Yates
761 Andruw Jones Checklist

Tyler was traded to the Pirates back in March, but is shown as a Brave for some reason. Now that I've decided to abandon Topps to build the Upper Deck base set this year, I should probably put together a want list sooner or later.

6 Topps Series 2
338 Matt Diaz
454 Mike Hampton
488 Mike Gonzalez
612 Kelly Johnson
YR111 Willie Harris

I still haven't touched that half a box of Topps since the Johan travesty was announced. Yes, I hold grudges. These cards are going straight to the team set binder. The Willie Harris card is nice, he's having a good year with the Nationals.

2 Topps Heritage
218 Rafael Soriano
HTCP4 Luke Hochevar T205

Lucy is well aware of my love for mini cards apparently. I have the Luke card already though. I still need #7 and 14 though if there are any Hochevar fans out there...

Cards from 2007

Andruw Jones cards
Opening Day (with Martin Prado) #114
Goudey #9 (red)
Turkey Red #32
Ultra Faces of the Game #GF-AJ

I don't understand what happened to Andruw this year. While I'm glad that the Braves didn't end up on the hook for his contract, I take no joy in his collapse this year. Hopefully he'll be able to come back from this next year and save his Hall of Fame chances. I got two cards of 'Druw I didn't have yet (Opening Day, Ultra) and two great looking cards.

Brian McCann cards
Bowman Heritage #69
Goudey #195 (Red)
Topps Update #UH252

At least Big Mac is having a good year for the Bravos. I was scared to death that Victorino had murdered him in that collision at the plate, but he's come back strong. McCann is my #2 favorite after Chipper so all of these cards are great to me. The Updates & Highlights card fills a hole in that set as well.

Bowman Prospects cards:
Bowman Heritage Matt Young #BHP74
Bowman Chrome Freddie Freeman #BDPP12
Bowman Chrome Jason Heyward #BDPP54 (AAAAAH!)

At 25 years old and in Double-A Matt Young isn't much of a prospect, but he set a record with 11 straight hits in 11 at bats this year. This is the second Heyward card I was sent by P & L, so the freakout was slightly less than last time. He's one of the best prospects in the system though so I'll take Chrome rookies any day. Freddie Freeman could be just as good though, He's tearing it up at Triple-A Rome, and in his spare time he's a super hero.

I've got to run right now, but I'll update the following categories when I get time:

Assorted Topps products

Intermission 0ne - Souvenirs

Assorted Upper Deck products

Assorted Fleer products

Assorted Donruss products

Intermission Two - Possibly Icky

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Non-baseball cards

Assorted Weirdness

The Serial Numbered One


GCA said...

Yea brothers and sisters, all hail the glory that is masking tape! I hate scotch tape, especially the kind that instantly fragments into square millimeter pieces as soon as it is touched. I'm not usually so OCD affected, but I do tend to stand at my kitchen counter and attempt to salvage every tape laden top loader or snap box, even though I have way too many of them already...

darkship said...

So what's the best way to get the "sticky" stuff off? I'll have to remember the masking tape trick from now on!! Thanks for the advice dayf

madding said...

I've found that the best way to get the stickyness off is to use a piece of tape (masking tape also works best here) to repeatedly "grab" the sticky off of the plastic. This process really does take like 20 minutes of your time. I've had to do it a lot on CD jewel cases because of those stupid SoundScan stickers that are taped over the top of the cases.

Patricia and Lucy said...

We defer to Greg A., from whom we got the idea of using pull-offable tape instead of Scotch Nightmare Adhesive. Here is the post in which we depict his truly brilliant packing method.


darkship said...

I'll have to look and see if I have the Hochevar, I think you might have traded one with me. If not I call dibs!!

Offy said...

I have both 7 and 14 in the Heritage minis. Since I'm not collecting them and someone else looks to be possibly interested in the Hochevar, we can work something for a player that I collect or something.

Paul said...

Not to pick nits, but I will.

I believe that is actually Scotch's painter's tape, the blue color is the tipoff. And yes that stuff is great for packing.

dayf said...

I've got a roll of the green stuff and it's called "Scotch Painter's Masking Tape" so we're probably both right. Blue might be a little different though.

Patricia and Lucy said...

yes...we confess...it IS painter's tape.

truly, a miracle product.

Russ said...

I believe that Rome is Single A along with Myrtle Beach, Pearl is Double A and Richmond is Triple A (but not for long).

dayf said...

Yeah, Richmond is moving to Gwinnett County next year. I might check out a Rome game next week as a matter of fact.