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Friday, August 8, 2008

Allen & Ginter Blaster Break

Part warm up for tonight's contest, part test case for the Dinged Corners front-loaded blaster theory, here's a rip of a 2008 Allen & Ginter blaster.

2008 Allen & Ginter Retail Blaster - 8 packs, 6 cards each.

Base cards - 40 (needed 26)

Short Prints - 4 (Dmitri Young, Adam Kennedy, Coco Crisp, David DeJesus) (1:2)

State Flags - 4 (Virginia, Georgia, Rhode Island, Louisiana)

Minis - 4 (Derek Jeter, Chris Young, Takashi Saito, Jered Weaver)

Mini A&G - 3 (David Wright, John Lackey, Mariano Rivera) (1:5)

Mini Insert -1 The World's Icons - The Sphinx (1:48)

Checklists - 2 (1, 4)

Not a bad box. There were 26 cards needed for the set, some good mini cards, three A&G minis which defied the odds and a mini insert of The Sphinx. All four State Flag cards I already had, but them's the breaks. I noticed one bit of weirdness in these retail packs though. Last year, retail packs either had a short print or a Dick Perez card. This time, all four short prints were in the pack with the thick State Flags card. The state flag card was also a bonus in each pack it was in - they all had 5 regular and one mini card in the pack as well. Four extra cards in the box is nice. One potential problem with this is that if short prints really are only in packs with a state flag, then cherry picking loose packs for short prints will be a problem. Best to stick to blasters and get an extra pack without being searched. The insert card was in a pack without a state flag, so there's good stuff in there too. Other than the three A&G backed minis, I think the odds were on the money for this box. Between the six different mini insert sets, the code cards and the relics, my guess is that at least one of these inserts will end up in every blaster.

Poor Upper Deck. I found this box at Wal-Mart yesterday. I had picked up a Goudey blaster and was about to put it in the cart when I saw the A&G. I might have not immediately dropped the Goudey box if they had just put a mini card in every pack. Sorry Upper Deck, better luck next time.

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