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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Long Mark

It's pretty much a done deal that Mark Kotsay is getting shipped off the the Red Sox. Good for Mark, since he lands in the middle of a playoff run, and good for us as we get to try out all the rookie outfielders in our system so see if one can take over in center next year. No word on what prospect we would get from Boston, but it will be an improvement over simply losing him to free agency in the offseason. Meanwhile Joey Devine is averaging over a strikeout per inning and has an 0.83 ERA as a set up man for the A's. Ouch. At least we got to see a Braves player hit for the cycle out of the deal.


Captain Canuck said...

it's deals like this that the Braves make that really tick me off. I hated trading Devine for Kotsay. But to his credit, Mark came in, with HUGE shoes to fill, and worked his butt off for his new team. Winning his teammates and fans over in the process. Was he a stop gap? Yes. But now we will get some mid to low level prospect for him (or rather, Devine) and once again... we trade down.
Drives me nuts.

Captain Canuck said...

Luis Sumoza huh? A good looking kid, but at least 4 years from seeing the big club.

MMayes said...

I haven't looked, but I'll bet the "Hot Baseball Wives" thread at Sons of Sam Horn just had a posting frenzy with Mrs. Kotsay headed to Chowdland.