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Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Contest Results

Ok, the Olympics are over, the medal counts are in. Your guesses are reprinted below and I can see right off the bat that BenTheHen totally nailed USA winning 110 medals. Good job Ben! Next time tell me about your blog so I can link it on the sidebar. Send me an e-mail Ben, and let me know where I can ship your prize of 36 assorted Olympics cards from the sets I've featured the past couple of weeks, one for each gold medal the US won. I'll check the rest of the guesses and if anyone else nailed their pick I'll send out a consolation prize. You have to agree that predicting the US medal count on the dot is worthy of first prize.

As for the bonus questions:

Usain Bolt won the 100 meter dash and has not yet been pounced upon by Dick Pound for using teh eeeeebil drugses.

Crystl Bustos hit 6 homers in their silver medal run.

And the game I saw in 1996? USA vs. Cuba baseball at Atlanta-Fulton county stadium. Cuba beat the pants off them and went on to win the gold.

One more thing folks, I never got around to posting my 1996 Upper Deck Olympics cards. If you want to see them even though the Olympics are over, post a message telling me so. If you are sick of the Olympics and want me to save it for the 2010 winter games, also post a message.

Thanks for playing!

Samuel Tan said... u.s. 6 medals

Alec said... lithuania 1 medal

thehamiltonian said... Canada: 10 medals (I am a realist).

Captain Canuck said... Australia - 50

William Noetling said... United States = 89

--David said... USA - 32 medals

mmosley said... Jamaica - 6 medals

desert plume said... China 149 medals

BenTheHen said... United States - 110 Medals

deal said... I'll take Thailand and 9 Medals.

MMayes said... USA (never pick anyone else) 102

Nathan said... Australia - 37 medals

Thorzul said... I'm going to be a little more optimistic for Team Canada and predict 12 medals.

Motherscratcher said... Great Britain - 29 medals

anthony said... Russia with 47 medals.

ManOfSteal said...China with 55 medals

madding said... Italy, 31 medals


ManOfSteal said...

Well, I was a little too conservative on China's medal count, but I did manage to nail all three of the tiebreaker questions! Bolt, 6 homers, and USA v. Cuba. That has to count for something, right :)

--David said...

Aw, man, I was doing Gold medals... I should learn to read more carefully!

Andy said...

holy crap i am sick of olympics please stop

Dinged Corners said...

The Phelps As Greatest Olympian Ever in the Course Of All Imaginable Humanity and Beyond coverage made us tired. And his mother made us want to find a remote cave. So right now, Olympics maybe not?

Samuel Tan said...

boy do i look stupid, i guess i accidently put 6 instead of 60

thehamiltonian said...

It was looking real bad for me after Canada finished week 1 with no medals, but they picked up their socks and made me look like a pessimist in week 2!

Congrats to BentheHen!

Captain Canuck said...

congrats bud!

said 50 for Aussie, they got 46. My bad... all down under blame me.

and if there is one thing Canada does right,(and there ain't much) it's broadcast the Olympics. Live events, shown in their entirety, showcasing ALL athletes. Not just the pseudo "live" edited version of the American Dream by NBC

dayf said...

Thank God, I'm off the hook. No more Olympic cards for a while. Nothing but President cards for the Conventions! Muahahaha! No, seriously, no more themes for a while. back to good 'ol junky cards.

deal said...

I am sticking to my guns, I pick Thailand for 9 medals in 2012.