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Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Year Gets Worse And Worse

The Braves are done. The only race they are in is the race to keep from having the worst record in the league. Eighty percent of the opening day pitching staff is out for the year. Francoeur has gone from the Golden Child who rejected a multi-year deal in the offseason to being the subject of a trade rumor to send him to Kansas City. There was at least one good storyline going for Braves fans to help them to get through the rest of the season, Chipper Jones' amazing hitting performance and his attempt to win the batting title.

So of course the shitty Braves pitching staff goes into St. Louis, gives up EIGHT hits to Albert Pujols and now Chipper is in second place. Dammit.


madding said...

Larry regained the lead in the 8th inning, though you probably already knew that. I'd gladly trade a Pujols batting title for a playoff spot, though. Why did all the NL Central teams have to get good at the same? Even the Astros have been playing well.

MMayes said...

I was at that series. The Braves staff wasn't as bad as the outcome looked. Friday night Pujols was the only one to hit the ball. Everyone else was dinking the ball over the infield or hitting bleeders just out of reach. A few of those you look at as luck. I don't know what you call 26 of those in a game.

At one point McCann goes out to talk to DeSalvo and my wife wondered what they could be saying:

McCann: You know, Richmond's not a bad place. Lots of nice, friendly people, good weather. Of course, I'm an All-Star and I'll never see it again, but there's worse things.....