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Monday, August 4, 2008

Card Of the Week 8/04/08

Continuing with the Americana 2 cards, here is the absolute best one out of the two packs I bought. Maybe the best card in the set. This one is soo good, it makes up for the rest of the junk in the packs and is worthy of Card of the Week status.

101 Jackie Chan

This was the first card I pulled from the first pack I opened. It's also the first card in the series 2 set. When I saw this card coming out of the pack I though "hey, cool! Jackie Chan. This might not be so bad". It was all downhill from here. Part of my problem with Americana is I don't get too excited about celebrity stuff. Most of my entertainment tastes tend to fall in the obscure/cult favorites category. I'd much rather watch Kentucky Fried Movie for the 50th time than go see the latest Will Ferrel flick at the theater. I listen to college radio instead of the ClearChannel stations. When I do watch TV, it's not Lost or 24 or American Idol, it's the Braves, raunchy cartoons on Comedy Central and Adult Swim, PBS and nerdy science stuff like Mythbusters and Good Eats. And that's assuming I even watch it on TV, my Daily Show and Colbert Report viewing is almost exclusively online now. So really, unless Donruss adds cards like Alton Brown, Jello Biafra, Doc Hammer, Adam Savage, Tor Johnson and Jon Stewart to series 3, this is truly a set I should avoid. That doesn't mean this card isn't awesome though. See for yourself:

Absolutely astounding fights,

Insane and suicidal stunts,

A sense of humor,

A lovely singing voice...

He even worked as a stuntman on some Bruce Lee films including this fight scene that didn't go too well for Jackie.

I said that none of the cards I pulled came close to the guy on the pack, John Wayne. I still feel that way, Jackie Chan is no John Wayne. Bruce Lee is the John Wayne of kung-fu. Jackie Chan is Clint Eastwood. And Clint Eastwood is one bad ass mofo. Cards like this drive me crazy because normally I'd not be interested at all in Americana, but Jackie Chan is just so freakin cool. I don't understand the picture at all though. Pick shirts or skins, don't halfway it with a pair of shoulder warmers. Even though he has trouble dressing for publicity stills, he's still the Drunken Master.

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Chris Harris said...

Jello Biafra on a trading card? Hmmm...