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Monday, December 1, 2008

Rod Gives Me a Ticket

I sure hope Rod isn't a cop, cause I just got two tickets from him. Rod sent me an e-mail out of the blue stating he had some oddball's I'd be interested in, so I accepted his generous offer. Here's what Rod sent:

1991 AuthenTicket David Justice

I've seen these before about a decade ago. They were on a clearance table at some sports memorabilia place in a mall. Even on clearance, they were selling them for $15 if I'm not mistaken (might have been $10) so I don't really want to know how much they were originally. They were in a plastic clamshell display with the ticket in one pocket, a trading card in another and an enormously long sales spiel which explained that ticket stubs were some of the rarest and most sought after memorabilia items and now YOU can have this limited edition (at least 109632 made) AuthenTicket of this superstar player which will only increase in value blah blah blah. It's been over a decade since I saw that packaging but I can still smell the stench of desperation from that sales pitch on the packaging. The fake ticket (which is completely blank on the back) wasn't the only thing in the package though.

Thankfully there was a card in there too to save the day. It's a full hologram which is quite good for 1991, although not quite the quality of Upper Deck's later holograms. Dave's bat changes into a tomahawk when you move the card which is a nice touch. Rod sent two of these so one is going to get sent off in the Christmas giveaway.

Hank Aaron playing card

This was pretty cool, I'd never seen this Aaron playing card before. What fool made him the 7 of Diamonds? Hank is a KING, period! I flipped the card over and found out what this was from.

This was a playing card set inserted into a special package of the MLB All Century Team videos. I also remember seeing and subsequently passing up on this as well. Yeah, I wanted the cards, but the whole set was thirty or forty bucks. I don't buy a deck of cards for forty bucks. It's definitely a neat oddball though and a good addition to my Hank collection.

Rod added a few more goodies in the package. A bunch of 1991 Donruss series 1 Braves, a 1992 Studio Ron Gane, and 2008 Upper Deck cards of Chipper Jones and Clint Sammons.
Great stuff Ron, expect a few goodies in return!

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