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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guest Post from Night Owl Cards

On Saturday a package from Night Owl arrived. I'm guessing by Owl post? Anyway, Night Owl not only sent me a package of incredible swag, but also wrote this post for me through the liberal use of sticky notes! (My commentary in italics)

You'll enjoy this more than me -

2007 Sweet Spot Casey Kotchman auto. Oh yess, I'll enjoy this - if I'm not mistaken this card has traveled through some other blogs already...

Set Building Stuff (If I read your want lists right)

I didn't have the '07 U&H list updated properly, but you read the lists right!

Miscut - but it's a '75!

It's not miscut, it's avant garde.

A couple of Frenchys

Blue back on the mini.

I don't think anyone collects these - just something to look at

1992 Baseball Cards Magazine inserts
1993 Baseball cards Magazine inserts. I'd collect them if I knew where to find 'em!

Hudson Finest (By way of heartbreaking cards)

A couple of Kelly's (You probably have the Chrome already. It's in every pack I buy)

I don't think I have the Chrome. I really hope that Heroes parallel isn't Kelly green.


And pink!

Braves Doo-Dads ~

SportFlics inserts

'83 Topps sticker and I think an '83 Fleer stamp

82 Topps stickers. Love the doo-dads!

I know you like the A&G Flags of World. Do you collect these? I think they're from 1956.

I have one of these cards already of Tibet. This is a really neat set and I'd collect 'em if I could find 'em anywhere but eBay.

Thanks Night Owl! I always liked you best other than Rorschach!


night owl said...

Well, I agree that Laurie Juspeczyk is hot, but other than that I don't have much in common with THAT night owl. I don't have an owlship and I've lost some weight over the last couple of years. So I can't even play him in the movie!

I'm happy the cards made it (SATURDAY, geez, freakin' holiday), and that you can use some of 'em.

deal said...

When I was a kid for some reason I thought Larvell Blanks was a really cool name.

gcrl said...

speaking of the watchmen, it's too bad about the comedian. i always thought he could have had his own series or graphic novel.

by the way, nice reverse negative on that 68 style avery.

Bay Rat North West said...

I don't know if you use ebay but check under magazines and type cards for baseball cards magazines. That is how I gathered a full run of the inserts. Just buying the magazines.

peter kenneth said...

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